Mar 6, 2009


**I had my routine colonoscopy today. Oh, joy, What Fun it was!! Things were good, though, no polyps, no cancer, and I don't have to have another one for five years. The worst part of the procedure is the "bowel cleansing", which basically consists of drinking two bottles of laxatives, and crapping for a long time. Watch the movie Ghost Town, which I loved, and hear Ricky Gervais explain to perfection. While you are going through the prep phrase, you may want to stay awake. I learned all about this the hard way....During my procedure I inadvertently forgot that my hospital gown was not tied in back, and subsequently, bent over, mooning a few people who really did not deserve it. Oh, such is life...

See where I used the word 'crapping' instead of 'shitting'? It's really odd, I think, that so many formerly forbidden words are now used everyday, and even on TV. Pussy, dick, ass, asshole, and a few others are no longer considered taboo. So what's up with the hold on shit and fuck? I mean these words are used more than any other words in real life. I'm not trying to sound crude, but just trying to be realistic. What is so bad about these two words? It makes no sense to me. They are, after all, words, just plain old ordinary words, not sticks and stones, so they won't break your bones.

I just watched season nine of America's Next Top Model and was totally disgusted by the treatment of one of the contestants. She was an incredible young woman with Asperger's syndrome. Her name was Heather Kuzmich. She was absolutely amazing to me, and the progress she has made, the intelligence of this young woman, shines. However, from day one, she was teased and criticized because of her disability. The judges refused to consider this when evaluating her progress. This pisses* me off big time. Why? Because it is against the law.

Asperger's Syndrome is a form of autism, and, as such, is a disability. The way I see it, ANTM, though a contest, offers a contract with a modeling agency and this could be seen as an application for employment. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act , she was entitled to reseaonable accomadation for her disability and it can not be used against her.

When ANTM chose her to participate in this competition, they should have considered her disability, and made what reasonable accommodation for her as was necessary. They did not do that. They also did nothing to educate her competitors about this young woman's disability. She should have had a disability advocate at her disposal the entire time, and, I believe that if these conditions had been met, she would have won the competition hands down. I was absolutely amazed at the lack of compassion shown to her by the little bitches* competing against her, and whether or not anyone believed she received extra attention, it should have been made known that it is the law. It is not special treatment, it is the fucking law. I would love to see her sue the ass off of these bastards*.

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. Needless to say, my opinion of Tyra Banks, and the whole ANTM bullshit* has suffered a severe turnabout. I hate the fucking show with a passion now. I have a disability, and, have been treated unfairly because of it. I know how it feels. And it sucks*!

And now Bravo has their freaking Make Me a Supermodel with a guy who has serious problems with homophobia. He had to pose with young man who was gay, and was terrified I guess that the gayness would somehow rub off on him. Kick his fucking ass off the fucking show, God damn it*! It does not make good TV. It makes Bravo look like MTV. Did he think the young man who was gay would fall in love with his stupid ass? He wasn't that good looking, and who wants to hang out with a bigoted fool anyway? Jesus Christ*! I guess I'm getting sick of reality TV. Thank God!

I hope this guy wins!!

*words now considered appropriate that were once taboo....don't ask me why, I ain't got a fucking clue.
**the author of this article may still be under the influence of versed, a wonderful drug used in some outpatient procedures....


Spadoman said...

Fuckin' A right!

SJ said...

I guess fuck and shit are the only english words left to be censored over there (stricter norms here) so maybe thats why those who love "forbidding" are holding on to them so fucking tight,

just me said...

See, I told you guys that fuck was one of the most popular words in the English language, and all others, most likely....(see above)