Sep 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma

Just a note to wish my granddaughter, Emma, a very Happy Birthday. She will be four years old, and a magical age that is. Though we have never met, I love her, and wish all her dreams to come true.

This is a picture I found on the internet, and it is a sad one, but shows how very beautiful she is. God bless you, Emma.

She is standing at the memorial for The Lima Company 3rd Battalion 25th Marines at Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base; Marine and Navy Reserve Center in Obetz.

Sep 18, 2009

We will miss you Patrick Swayze....

I'm back, again...

I rolled out of bed this morning, and, I literally rolled out of bed. One minute I was dreaming, and the next I had my face in the carpet. When I realized what I had done, I started laughing like a loon. Its just so me...!! Of course this woke Roger up....yes, me and Roger have been knocking boots now and then. And he's still one of my best friends. Go figure...

I made my first ebay purchase recently. I was sorely disappointed. I thought I was getting this great deal on a digital camera. Boy, was I wrong. I should have known that the "You get what you pay for" rule applies everywhere.

I just added this neat gadget from Photo bucket. I think its tres cool.

Well, more later. Blessings!!

Sep 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Linda Jean

Today is my sister Linda's birthday. I can't remember how old she is, and she probably can't either!! Ha! A little funny there. The older you get though the harder it is to remember your age. Really. If someone asks you how old you are for some reason you have to stop and think a second or two. If I could I would give the flowers above to Linda Jean, but she lives in California, which is a good distance from Hamtown.

The last time I saw Linda was, oh, Lord, let me must have been in 2000, I think. We had a good time, I know that, and I got to meet her husband, Hank, who is, I swear, I'm not making it up, an Indian Chief.

Whenever you are around Linda, you are going to laugh. She just has this wonderful way about her that magnifies the humor in any given situation. I wish I lived next door to her. But I don't, so I'll just say Happy Birthday and hello to all the children and grandchildren.