Oct 17, 2009

This is a picture of my sister Geraldine, Linda, and me, circa 2001. This is how I think of us. Geraldine passed away in July of 2006. We all miss her very much. We never could figure out which "Golden Girl" we were. I think I figured it out...but, there was a little Blanch in each of us.

On a different note, I dreamed last night that I was talking to Ronald Reagan, who had been elected governor of Virginia, and I was cussing him where in the hell did that come from??

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Oct 4, 2009

Tag, your it!

These are some of my matches from the popular site Tagged.  Gentlemen, don't pick out your own profile pictures.  Get a woman to help you out with this part of the procedure.
Wait, maybe I do have a match....
No, I know what I'll do, I post a picture of my car....That'll get em...and, it probably will.  I said no cause if you love your car that much, it probably takes up all your time and conversation.  (I'm gonna get slammed for this!)

This gentlemen has found something online that he is either in awe of or is immensely frightened of....either way, it is just a little scarey....

This guy looks like he's trying to sell the car behind him.  "Now this beauty right here, I can make you an offer right now you can't money down!"
This guy looks as if he's really twisting around so you can catch a glimpse of that carefully cultivated tiny bit of chest hair he has....

This one I fondly think of as "All dressed up and no place to go".....

He's either very bored, or someone needs to turn off that damn fan before his hat blows away....

Now what lady wouldn't want to ride in the Hooters car??

"So I work in the prison got a problem with that...bitch???"

This is my personal favorite.  I do love our men in uniform, but something in this picture screams "I've got issues with my equipment!"

Gee, so many men, so little time....Of course my profile picture sucks balls so much that my computer has hidden it from me so I can't upload it anymore...Damn!  Oh, I just found it...I try to cut down my time visiting those sites..but evidently, not enough!!