Jun 2, 2008

A Bit about me

I received this from Mary, and will do my best.

1.) What Was I Doing 10 Years Ago?

Ten years ago I was preparing to move in with my father, to help out, as he was getting along in years. He was 88 at the time, and living alone. I lived with him, and helped out as much as he would let me. It's a tricky thing, walking that fine line between care giving and supporting independence in the elderly. But those were some of my most memorable years. I stayed with him up until his death, and learned many things about my father. I was indeed blessed.

2.) Five Things on Today's To-Do List?

Schedule a transportation appointment, done.

Refill prescriptions, done.

Dust all the furniture in the house, incomplete.

Write this post, ongoing.

Dispose of trash, done.

3.)Things to do If I were a Billionaire.

Wow, what a thought. There are certain charities that I would support. One particularly that I support is called Christian Outreach. They are wonderful about getting food to needy families. It is a marvelous organization and very respectful to those in need.

I would set up a few scholarships, one especially in my late son's name.

I would prepay my own funeral expenses, so when I go, all that would be necessary is to lay me out, and then plant me.

I would buy land, and have a modest house somewhere in the country, with lots of trees and little animals.

I would try to give back what I have been given.

4.) Three Bad Habits?

I smoke, which is probably the worst habit anyone can have, but I have cut down a lot. Today, I will smoke 3 cigarettes. That's still 3 too many, but damn, I love my cigarettes.

I worry too much. I try to anticipate the worst, while hoping for the best, but I'm learning to just accept what is.

Procrastination. I will put off certain things as long as possible, until I can't stand myself for not doing it.

5.)Five Places I have lived.

I have lived in a lot of different places, it seems, but mostly in the south. Seems whenever I have moved, a new chapter in life began. I have lived in:

Pensacola, Florida

Surrency, Georgia

Spring Grove, Virginia

St. Albans, West Virginia

Ivor, Virginia

6.) Five Jobs I have Had

I have worked as a:

Convenience Store Clerk

Hospital CNA

Nursing Home CNA

Retail Sales Clerk

Swine Production Worker

So, there you have it. A little bit more about me. I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free to use this if you like.