Mar 29, 2009

Sex with an improper stranger?

A man was arrested for having a sexual liason with a vacuum cleaner at a car wash. And, no, I'm not making this up, just click the title. The thing that stood out the most to me was that police were called after "a resident called officers early on Oct. 16 to report suspicious activity at a car wash in Thomas Township". Suspicious activity?? Are we to think that said resident called the police and said there is suspicious activity at the car wash?

"Yes, sir, what kind of activity, could you be more specific?"

"Well, there's a jerk down there getting the Blow-job of all blow-jobs from the car vac!"

I wonder how many quarters he used....and whether I'll ever use one of those vacuums again. I mean, you really don't know where its been, do you?


And if you look here you will find that in Great Britain, the number of people named "Cocks" and "Shufflebottom" has declined in recent years, along with other surnames. It is suggested that they might be moving away and changing their names. Well, whatever for??? I mean just think of the guy who gets to read your employment application....what a treat for him!

"So, Mr. Daft, is it, what schools did you attend, if any.....guffaw, guffaw!!


And, here Harry Jackson broke out of a Georgia prison to steal 14 cartons of cigarettes, and was arrested when he tried to break back in. What is wrong with this picture? Is it just the economy? Finding a job that pays enough where you can afford to buy cigarettes in this economy is getting tougher and tougher. Finding a job period is getting tougher and tougher.


You Are The Liver

picture of liver I suppose

You are a very versatile, adept person. You are able to do many jobs.

You seek balance at all times. You are good at adjusting yourself to keep things level.

You are able to counteract bad influences. You can neutralize anything toxic.

You are resilient like no one else. You can rebuild yourself completely if you need to.

What Internal Organ Are You?

I always wanted to be a freaking cool is that???
enough said......

Mar 28, 2009

Your horoscope for March 28, 2009 Strong forces may be acting up today and asking you to stand up a little straighter than usual, Debra. Keep your shoulders back and be proud. Don't think of yourself as any less of a person just because there is disagreement between you and the people around you. Maintain a high respect of yourself and your opinions. Say things with confidence, don't back down, but be prepared to fight.

Be prepared to fight?? WTF, I guess I'll climb back in bed and pull the covers over my head. I just don't have it in me to fight much anymore. Seems I've been fighting all my life for something, and now I just want peace.

Actually, things are going pretty well here on the home front. Our next goal is to get a car. We have been blessed with wonderful friends who have helped us out with rides and what-not, but it is nice to be totally self-reliant. I guess, in some ways, that would be perfection to me. Not to have to ask anyone for anything ever. Wonder what that says about me?

Mar 27, 2009

Another correction

In this post, I made the comment that I had lost respect for Tyra Banks. It was a stupid and mean thing to say. How can anyone not respect this wonderful person? And when the new season of ANTM rolled around, where was I but glued to my TV set, watching with complete fascination. I don't know what it is about this show that draws me. Perhaps its because I was tall as a child. I had gained my full hieght of 5'8" by the time I was 12. I towered over the rest of my classmates. And it stayed that way until I was 15. So, hell, yeah! seeing other tall young woman come into their own makes me smile.

Perhaps I look at them as the daughters I never had, all grown up, trying to make it in this tough competitive world. I have lived my life, since I left home, among men it seems. Many of my best friends have been men. Maybe its a good thing to get all girlly sometimes. When I walk to the mailbox, I find myself thinking, "Work it girl!" and so I do. And I laugh at myself. Which is a good thing.

I think Tyra Banks is a humanitarian, and through all of her success, she has remained true to her values. That is quite commendable. And something to be admired.

And of course I love Miss J, and Mr. J with an absolute passion. And if you don't, well there's something wrong with you.

Ok, I'm done.


Ok, I've had some time to think about things. In my last post I lamented at length over the fact that John McCain had a bracelet with my son's name on his desk. Whether this bracelet being there was a reminder to him of those who have fallen, or was given to him by someone, or for political reasons, it really doesn't matter. I guess it is a compliment that a US Senator would remember my son.

And I also wondered if my reaction would have been the same if the bracelet had sat on the desk of Barak Obama, my candidate of choice. I probably would have danced around the house in fit of ecstasy, truth be told. And I wouldn't even have wondered why.

I also have to admit that I did not own my son. He was his own man, and followed his own heart. And that is nothing more than a fact. Yes, it still hurts a bit, but in death, as in life, I must share Travis with so many others who loved him. And there were, and are, many.

Mar 26, 2009

Just searching...

I found this while searching for pictures of Travis. It just occured to me today that I might find other pictures of Travis by running a search on Google. And when I did I discovered that as of Monday, July 21, 2008, John McCain had my son's bracelet, that he wore while on tour in Iraq, on his desk. So, where is it now? How did he get it? I pretty much know that, but it is out of my control.

Its so strange. I gave birth to Travis, and worried and fretted and loved him. I watched him grow from a baby to a young man, and upon his death, I feel I am forgotten. I feel shut out of his life. And its wrong somehow. (Would you like a little cheese with that whine??) I imagine that is what it sounds like, and perhaps it is. Another all purpose whine.

I wasn't the best Mom in the world. I made many mistakes. But the one thing I wanted my boys to know always was how proud I was of them, and how much I loved them. And that is not enough it seems, to even receive a nod from someone that hey, you were his mother. I know that this really doesn't matter, that just having Travis as a son was one of the things that I was most proud of and still am. But, for some reason, this hurts me so much.

And I have to wonder, why John McCain has Travis' bracelet? I can't figure it out. I just can't. I want that bracelet, I want every little memento I can find that I can treasure. And I'm selfish. And I know. And I really don't care.

God get me through this as you have so many other things. Let me remember the joy that was Travis, and not the tragedy of his death. Let me not be haunted by the knowledge that he died alone, without family, in a strange land. I know you were with him, as you are now. God grant us all peace, Lord, as I pray in the name of the Son, our saviour, Amen.

Mar 10, 2009

What to do??

My son became quite irritated with me this evening. I wasn't sure why at first, I was just washing dishes, but I guess I picked the wrong time to do so. Evidently he was hitting on our friend Missy, and I interupted his plans. I think, oh, dare I say it, that the new term for this is "cock-blocking".
I am getting old I guess. The day will come when my son will have to have his own place. I know this, as surely as I am sitting here, and I am ok with it. I know I'm getting into "old fart" territory. But, I think he feels a need to take care of me. And as wonderful as that is, I don't want him to feel that way.

There are times lately when I stay in my room and read, or watch tv, or get on this damned computer. (Well, I'm not sure if it is really damned, just have my suspicions.) Anywho, how to work this situation out, I just don't know. EJ moved out when he was 18, and by 19 he was supporting his girlfriend and her three kids. He did that for ten years, until 2005, when everything changed. He lost his brother, his girlfriend, two good friends, one he had grown up with, and everything he had worked for. And now he is coming out of the darkness, and learning to live again.

Now he's got old Mama in the way, and I can't afford to move. Nor can he. I suppose we will come to some sort of understanding, but its not going to be easy. Give me strength....


My friend Roger went grocery shopping with me the other day.  It was like being married all over again.  Not good.  He likes to shop at a place called Bottom Dollar, which he sometimes refers to as Rocky Bottom or Rocky Top.  It has the cheapest prices around, and of course, we all want to save money, but just going there can be a chore.

"Let's go over to Rocky Bottom..." he says.
"You mean Rocky Top?"...I say
"No, I mean that Bottom Ups place down on Jefferson..." he says
"Oh, you mean Bottom Dollar?"....I say.
"That cheap ass store we go to, the one across the bridge!"  he shouts.
"Ok, ok, we'll go, Jeeze!"

Now, driving down the road, I got no idea in hell what sign I'm supposed to be looking for.  With Rocky Top ringing in my ears, hell, I might be going to the Grand ole Opry to see the Osborne Brothers!  He has a habit of following me around the store, saying, "Why are you buying this?  I got two at the house!"  Well, see, its like this.  Those are yours....I won't my own.  Do I ever say this?  Hell, freaking no!  I am too southern.  It takes a lot to get me fired up, (say something about my kids, and I'll rip off your head and shit down your throat, then I'll get mad!) but when I do, I have no sense at all.  I say and do foolish, incoherent things, then feel horrible for doing so. Which means I should probably fly off the handle more often, but I hate it so.  So many women I have met lately seem to live for fighting.  When I do get upset though, a great hush falls on everyone involved.  They look for lightning strikes, or erupting volcanoes.  Its so unexpected.  Might be a good thing, who knows?


"Your horoscope for March 15, 2009
You may be seduced by fantastic promises that offer wonderful things and fanciful rewards. But beware of things with lots of bells and whistles, debbi. There may be a great deal of talk, but not much to substantiate such wonderful claims. Don't be surprised if people with intense emotions are stepping up to put in their two cents about how you should run your life. Don't forget who is boss."

Just what I was hoping for today!  People with intense emotions!  Gosh, I am so excited!!  

Mar 8, 2009

I found this little free word association thingy here . Thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm so fucking creative, huh?

  1. Take :: Five

  2. 350 :: Diet

  3. Stand ::The, as in Stephen King

  4. Raspberry :: tart

  5. Turnstile ::confusing

  6. Infomercial ::everywhere

  7. Dejected ::sometimes

  8. What’s the word? ::hell if I know

  9. Awestruck ::wonder

  10. Smashed ::pumpkin

You Are Not a Jerk

You treat everyone as fairly as possible. You think it's important to be good to people.

You may feel like being rude at times, but you hold back. You are civilized.

While you are considerate, you don't go overboard. You only show others the same respect you'd expect.

Those who want to take advantage of you may accuse you of being a jerk, but in truth, they're the real jerks!

Are You a Jerk?*

*Well, damn, I guess I can sleep now. I have been worried about this for some time.
On reviewing my last post, I find myself remiss in noting that Chris from Make me a Supermodel probably has a lawsuit as well, based on the reasons I noted in that post. Just wanted to say that. I am so sick of people in this country hating on gay people and hating on black and brown people, and hating on anyone that isn't white as rice, and straight as...well, you really don't know do you? If two people can find some measure of comfort and happiness together, what is the problem? Isn't it time we grew up a little as a nation? If history tells it right, Alexander the Great was gay. And the movie, Alexander, with Colin Farrell, depicted the enduring love story between Alexander and Hephaestion. A beautiful love story that just happened to be between two men. And if you watched the movie and didn't cry when Hephaestion died, then there is something wrong with you.
Ok, I'm done.

I just watched Apocalypto, and it is one of the best movies I have seen. It won Oscars for Sound Mixing, Makeup, and Sound Editing. It won a bunch of Best Foriegn Language Film awards, but to me, it was a remarkable movie, regardless of the language. I highly recommend it.


On a more personal note, the doctor increased my Lasix, or water pill, to 40 mg. a day. It kind of scares me a bit, as it makes me think I am on my way to congestive heart failure, if I haven't already arrived. I need to make some lifestyle changes, I know this, but I am unbelievably stubborn about it. Usually, in the past, when I had to lose weight or increase my exercise, I just did it. But, now, I'm fighting it with every thing I got. Maybe I'm just tired. I don't know. Wish me luck....

Mar 6, 2009


**I had my routine colonoscopy today. Oh, joy, What Fun it was!! Things were good, though, no polyps, no cancer, and I don't have to have another one for five years. The worst part of the procedure is the "bowel cleansing", which basically consists of drinking two bottles of laxatives, and crapping for a long time. Watch the movie Ghost Town, which I loved, and hear Ricky Gervais explain to perfection. While you are going through the prep phrase, you may want to stay awake. I learned all about this the hard way....During my procedure I inadvertently forgot that my hospital gown was not tied in back, and subsequently, bent over, mooning a few people who really did not deserve it. Oh, such is life...

See where I used the word 'crapping' instead of 'shitting'? It's really odd, I think, that so many formerly forbidden words are now used everyday, and even on TV. Pussy, dick, ass, asshole, and a few others are no longer considered taboo. So what's up with the hold on shit and fuck? I mean these words are used more than any other words in real life. I'm not trying to sound crude, but just trying to be realistic. What is so bad about these two words? It makes no sense to me. They are, after all, words, just plain old ordinary words, not sticks and stones, so they won't break your bones.

I just watched season nine of America's Next Top Model and was totally disgusted by the treatment of one of the contestants. She was an incredible young woman with Asperger's syndrome. Her name was Heather Kuzmich. She was absolutely amazing to me, and the progress she has made, the intelligence of this young woman, shines. However, from day one, she was teased and criticized because of her disability. The judges refused to consider this when evaluating her progress. This pisses* me off big time. Why? Because it is against the law.

Asperger's Syndrome is a form of autism, and, as such, is a disability. The way I see it, ANTM, though a contest, offers a contract with a modeling agency and this could be seen as an application for employment. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act , she was entitled to reseaonable accomadation for her disability and it can not be used against her.

When ANTM chose her to participate in this competition, they should have considered her disability, and made what reasonable accommodation for her as was necessary. They did not do that. They also did nothing to educate her competitors about this young woman's disability. She should have had a disability advocate at her disposal the entire time, and, I believe that if these conditions had been met, she would have won the competition hands down. I was absolutely amazed at the lack of compassion shown to her by the little bitches* competing against her, and whether or not anyone believed she received extra attention, it should have been made known that it is the law. It is not special treatment, it is the fucking law. I would love to see her sue the ass off of these bastards*.

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. Needless to say, my opinion of Tyra Banks, and the whole ANTM bullshit* has suffered a severe turnabout. I hate the fucking show with a passion now. I have a disability, and, have been treated unfairly because of it. I know how it feels. And it sucks*!

And now Bravo has their freaking Make Me a Supermodel with a guy who has serious problems with homophobia. He had to pose with young man who was gay, and was terrified I guess that the gayness would somehow rub off on him. Kick his fucking ass off the fucking show, God damn it*! It does not make good TV. It makes Bravo look like MTV. Did he think the young man who was gay would fall in love with his stupid ass? He wasn't that good looking, and who wants to hang out with a bigoted fool anyway? Jesus Christ*! I guess I'm getting sick of reality TV. Thank God!

I hope this guy wins!!

*words now considered appropriate that were once taboo....don't ask me why, I ain't got a fucking clue.
**the author of this article may still be under the influence of versed, a wonderful drug used in some outpatient procedures....