Mar 27, 2009


Ok, I've had some time to think about things. In my last post I lamented at length over the fact that John McCain had a bracelet with my son's name on his desk. Whether this bracelet being there was a reminder to him of those who have fallen, or was given to him by someone, or for political reasons, it really doesn't matter. I guess it is a compliment that a US Senator would remember my son.

And I also wondered if my reaction would have been the same if the bracelet had sat on the desk of Barak Obama, my candidate of choice. I probably would have danced around the house in fit of ecstasy, truth be told. And I wouldn't even have wondered why.

I also have to admit that I did not own my son. He was his own man, and followed his own heart. And that is nothing more than a fact. Yes, it still hurts a bit, but in death, as in life, I must share Travis with so many others who loved him. And there were, and are, many.


Sridhar said...

Maybe ... but whoever has it I still think it should be yours :)

Scottie said...

There are many of them. I respect you mam, but to say "That one" is yours is not really fair either. Why? because Senator McCain has it? I would be honored by such a gesture, no matter how he got it. You can have one made, I don't know the link off hand but if I find it I will surely send it to you. I just get a lil frusrated with people that say things because that is what you want to hear...not just you, I mean anybody. You know who this is, the same man that named his son after yours...I love and miss him to DY. I hope you know I say all this out of respect, sometimes it's good to hear other opinions.

Scottie said...

Here's the link

just me said...

I don't know when it became a law or a need for people to feel they have to say hurtful or mean things to me regarding my son Travis. I just corrected myself in the post above. I acknowledge that many people loved Travis. But, I loved him too. And I miss him every single day. If you can't say anything positive, just leave me alone in my grief.

God bless, you, Scottie, and your young family. May God hold you always in the palm of your hand.