Mar 28, 2009

Your horoscope for March 28, 2009 Strong forces may be acting up today and asking you to stand up a little straighter than usual, Debra. Keep your shoulders back and be proud. Don't think of yourself as any less of a person just because there is disagreement between you and the people around you. Maintain a high respect of yourself and your opinions. Say things with confidence, don't back down, but be prepared to fight.

Be prepared to fight?? WTF, I guess I'll climb back in bed and pull the covers over my head. I just don't have it in me to fight much anymore. Seems I've been fighting all my life for something, and now I just want peace.

Actually, things are going pretty well here on the home front. Our next goal is to get a car. We have been blessed with wonderful friends who have helped us out with rides and what-not, but it is nice to be totally self-reliant. I guess, in some ways, that would be perfection to me. Not to have to ask anyone for anything ever. Wonder what that says about me?

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