Mar 10, 2009

What to do??

My son became quite irritated with me this evening. I wasn't sure why at first, I was just washing dishes, but I guess I picked the wrong time to do so. Evidently he was hitting on our friend Missy, and I interupted his plans. I think, oh, dare I say it, that the new term for this is "cock-blocking".
I am getting old I guess. The day will come when my son will have to have his own place. I know this, as surely as I am sitting here, and I am ok with it. I know I'm getting into "old fart" territory. But, I think he feels a need to take care of me. And as wonderful as that is, I don't want him to feel that way.

There are times lately when I stay in my room and read, or watch tv, or get on this damned computer. (Well, I'm not sure if it is really damned, just have my suspicions.) Anywho, how to work this situation out, I just don't know. EJ moved out when he was 18, and by 19 he was supporting his girlfriend and her three kids. He did that for ten years, until 2005, when everything changed. He lost his brother, his girlfriend, two good friends, one he had grown up with, and everything he had worked for. And now he is coming out of the darkness, and learning to live again.

Now he's got old Mama in the way, and I can't afford to move. Nor can he. I suppose we will come to some sort of understanding, but its not going to be easy. Give me strength....


My friend Roger went grocery shopping with me the other day.  It was like being married all over again.  Not good.  He likes to shop at a place called Bottom Dollar, which he sometimes refers to as Rocky Bottom or Rocky Top.  It has the cheapest prices around, and of course, we all want to save money, but just going there can be a chore.

"Let's go over to Rocky Bottom..." he says.
"You mean Rocky Top?"...I say
"No, I mean that Bottom Ups place down on Jefferson..." he says
"Oh, you mean Bottom Dollar?"....I say.
"That cheap ass store we go to, the one across the bridge!"  he shouts.
"Ok, ok, we'll go, Jeeze!"

Now, driving down the road, I got no idea in hell what sign I'm supposed to be looking for.  With Rocky Top ringing in my ears, hell, I might be going to the Grand ole Opry to see the Osborne Brothers!  He has a habit of following me around the store, saying, "Why are you buying this?  I got two at the house!"  Well, see, its like this.  Those are yours....I won't my own.  Do I ever say this?  Hell, freaking no!  I am too southern.  It takes a lot to get me fired up, (say something about my kids, and I'll rip off your head and shit down your throat, then I'll get mad!) but when I do, I have no sense at all.  I say and do foolish, incoherent things, then feel horrible for doing so. Which means I should probably fly off the handle more often, but I hate it so.  So many women I have met lately seem to live for fighting.  When I do get upset though, a great hush falls on everyone involved.  They look for lightning strikes, or erupting volcanoes.  Its so unexpected.  Might be a good thing, who knows?


"Your horoscope for March 15, 2009
You may be seduced by fantastic promises that offer wonderful things and fanciful rewards. But beware of things with lots of bells and whistles, debbi. There may be a great deal of talk, but not much to substantiate such wonderful claims. Don't be surprised if people with intense emotions are stepping up to put in their two cents about how you should run your life. Don't forget who is boss."

Just what I was hoping for today!  People with intense emotions!  Gosh, I am so excited!!  


SJ said...

I am boss don't forget that.

Moms make for effective cock blockers unfortunately.

Anne said...

Aw jeez... If moms didn't cock block, can you imagine the sorts of trouble kids would get themselves into? (Especially SJ.) ;D

I hate it when somebody follows me around and nit-picks. But it sounds like he enjoys your company, means well, and is trying to take care of you in his own way. That's sweet, sort of.

jackie said...

my daughter has an expression :if it's not one thing?'s my mother.

if only seems natural that if we brought them in..we can take them out.

Spadoman said...

I want to say something, but I don't know what to say! I do know that mother's protect their children to the death, even when the child is wrong. I know this mother who does that, the mother of my own kids. I'll protect them too, but not to the depths that a mother will. Just remember, none of it is your fault. Not the loss of his brother, his friend, his girlfriend. None of it was caused by you.

As for the cock blocking, that's anew one for my old fashioned ears. If mom gets in the way of him gettin' sum, then go get it somewheres else!

As for Roger, well, I just wish someone would go shopping with me. I do most of it alone. The spouse usually never goes to the grocery, rock bottom or high end, at all. So, I buy what I want and spend way too much. But I do get to eat what I want that way, so, no complaints.

Peace to you.

just me said...

Spadoman, cock-blocking was a new one for these ears as well. It amazes me the number of young girls who use this term. And, I appreciate your words.

Anne, When it comes to kids, if they want to do it, it will be done.

Jackie, I hear you. What would happen if nobody could blame Mom for their problems??

SJ, How remiss, that I forgot you are the boss. As for cock-blocking, it seems I have aquired the art without even trying!