Mar 8, 2009

On reviewing my last post, I find myself remiss in noting that Chris from Make me a Supermodel probably has a lawsuit as well, based on the reasons I noted in that post. Just wanted to say that. I am so sick of people in this country hating on gay people and hating on black and brown people, and hating on anyone that isn't white as rice, and straight as...well, you really don't know do you? If two people can find some measure of comfort and happiness together, what is the problem? Isn't it time we grew up a little as a nation? If history tells it right, Alexander the Great was gay. And the movie, Alexander, with Colin Farrell, depicted the enduring love story between Alexander and Hephaestion. A beautiful love story that just happened to be between two men. And if you watched the movie and didn't cry when Hephaestion died, then there is something wrong with you.
Ok, I'm done.

I just watched Apocalypto, and it is one of the best movies I have seen. It won Oscars for Sound Mixing, Makeup, and Sound Editing. It won a bunch of Best Foriegn Language Film awards, but to me, it was a remarkable movie, regardless of the language. I highly recommend it.


On a more personal note, the doctor increased my Lasix, or water pill, to 40 mg. a day. It kind of scares me a bit, as it makes me think I am on my way to congestive heart failure, if I haven't already arrived. I need to make some lifestyle changes, I know this, but I am unbelievably stubborn about it. Usually, in the past, when I had to lose weight or increase my exercise, I just did it. But, now, I'm fighting it with every thing I got. Maybe I'm just tired. I don't know. Wish me luck....


SJ said...

Wishing you luck !

I want to see Apocalypto too... will get arnd to it eventually.

jackie said...

I hope your stuborness won't kill you...buttroy!
I though Apocalypto was a great love story. when people say it was too violent, i always say so where the times they lived in...and what he and she went through to be together was a wonderful love story.

just me said...

Yes, I guess I can be a buttroy as well as the next person...I fell in love with the whole movie, the scenery, the costumes, the hair, the tattoos, and the plot was non-stop. great movie