Mar 27, 2009

Another correction

In this post, I made the comment that I had lost respect for Tyra Banks. It was a stupid and mean thing to say. How can anyone not respect this wonderful person? And when the new season of ANTM rolled around, where was I but glued to my TV set, watching with complete fascination. I don't know what it is about this show that draws me. Perhaps its because I was tall as a child. I had gained my full hieght of 5'8" by the time I was 12. I towered over the rest of my classmates. And it stayed that way until I was 15. So, hell, yeah! seeing other tall young woman come into their own makes me smile.

Perhaps I look at them as the daughters I never had, all grown up, trying to make it in this tough competitive world. I have lived my life, since I left home, among men it seems. Many of my best friends have been men. Maybe its a good thing to get all girlly sometimes. When I walk to the mailbox, I find myself thinking, "Work it girl!" and so I do. And I laugh at myself. Which is a good thing.

I think Tyra Banks is a humanitarian, and through all of her success, she has remained true to her values. That is quite commendable. And something to be admired.

And of course I love Miss J, and Mr. J with an absolute passion. And if you don't, well there's something wrong with you.

Ok, I'm done.


just me said...

Yes, I changed the look of my blog again!

Sridhar said...

I don't know these people. I have heard of Tyra but never went beyond looking ;)