Sep 18, 2009

I'm back, again...

I rolled out of bed this morning, and, I literally rolled out of bed. One minute I was dreaming, and the next I had my face in the carpet. When I realized what I had done, I started laughing like a loon. Its just so me...!! Of course this woke Roger up....yes, me and Roger have been knocking boots now and then. And he's still one of my best friends. Go figure...

I made my first ebay purchase recently. I was sorely disappointed. I thought I was getting this great deal on a digital camera. Boy, was I wrong. I should have known that the "You get what you pay for" rule applies everywhere.

I just added this neat gadget from Photo bucket. I think its tres cool.

Well, more later. Blessings!!

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SJ said...

Welcome back again!