Feb 24, 2009

Weekday Update

I changed the look of my blog. I don't know why. Just wanted to. Looks a little more stream-lined. I also removed some page elements. I don't know why, just did.

I saw my GP the other day and he was displeased, as was I, to learn I had regained 16 pounds!! Shit-fire, as me mum used to say. Walking, he said, was the key to weight loss. Shit-fire!!

************************************************************************************************** My friend Roger came over the other night, and he and my son had one two many, so we dared Roger to eat some cat food, Ocean Whitefish Pate, and damn if he didn't! Now I have to rag him about it every time he comes over..."Oh, Roger, how remiss of me! Here I got some cat food out for Roscoe, and didn't offer you any!" Roger is a true friend. He has his ways, and tries to get in my britches at times, but I think its more out of habit than desire.

I have been patiently waiting for the IRS to decide what it is exactly they are doing with our tax refunds. I think a great many people are wondering the same this year. I believe it is probably that stimulus credit bullshit thingy. I have tried to call them, but I get a recording that says to call back when they are not busy...."Please call back between the hours of 7am and 10pm to speak to a representative..." Lord have mercy! I believe some people are expecting another stimulus payment this year, but I don't think that's how its going to work. From my understanding, it will be added to your paycheck week by week as less taxes are taken out. Well, there's always the lottery...

I can't believe they voted Fabio off of Top Chef. And they kept Hosea, who shoved Ariane under the bus. Now, after my brief period of disbelief, I want Carla to win. I think Stefan is probably the best chef, but I still want Carla to win. I guess we'll see tomorrow.


SJ said...

Word of the day: Shit-fire!

Eating cat food? Yuck!

Spadoman said...

Good for Roger, still tryin' to get into someones pants. "You go, Brother!" Make sure you brush your teeth and get he cat food breath out of your mouth, okay?

You are exactly right about the taxes. If you work, starting in April or May,(so they are saying), there will be less taxes taken out of each paycheck and that will be for the remainder of this year AND all of next year. Since they are going to start taking less taxes in the middle of this year, your checks will have more take home money this year than next year.

If you are Social Security, you get a $250.00 check and they are suppose to be sent by the middle of June.

I looked all this stuff up and my information comes from some pretty reliable sources. We bought a home and close on March 20th. I already filed my taxes, but I will file an amended return and add the tax credit refund on it. As I understand it, they will send me a check for $8000.00 (wanna be my friend?) They say it is for first time home buyers, but they consider you a first time home buyer if you or your spouse did not have a home in your name for the past 3 years. We have been renting for the past 4 years. Yipee!

Think of all the cat food I can buy with that money??!!

Peace to all.

just me said...

Shit fire is a good word, SJ. Use it often and with grace.

Spado, Yes I want to be your new BFF....(still not sure what that means.) Good news for you and yours. And about time, huh?

Spadoman said...

BFF: Best Friends Forever.

That's just it, you'd not want to be my friend anymore after we spend the money! Besides, you'll probably buy cat food with the money so you can entertain yourself watching Roger eat it!