Feb 3, 2009

Astrology and Biblical musings...

My horoscope:

*Sun Sign: Aquarius

Your horoscope for February 3, 2009

“A social event that involves discussion of intellectual topics that interest you could take place today, Debra, and you could decide to attend in the company of a love partner. You're likely to enjoy the gathering so much that you could stay late into the night, and then spend another hour or so discussing it with your partner. Afterwards - well, anything could happen! In the future you'll remember tonight as being magical. Make the most of it!”

The chances of this happening are approximately nil! It would be nice, and just the type of stuff I enjoy. You can see how intellectual I am by the word “stuff”! I was invited to a big super-bowl party, but as Bob was going to be there, I declined. Bob has been giving me vibes that seem to indicate he might be substituting me for his “Eve”. Don’t want to go there.

Speaking of Eve, I happened to watch “The Bible”, an old movie featuring a bunch of actors, like George C. Scott, Ava Gardener, a very young Richard Harris, and, oh, hell, just a bunch of them. Of course it starts with the Garden of Eden, and how Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat of the Tree of Knowledge (of good and evil). Of course she says, What the hell, and takes a big bite. Then she offers it to Adam, who like all men who come after him, did what their old lady said to do, probably to avoid a fight.

“No, Eve, I don’t think we should eat this, God said not to, and I’m not going to piss him off..” so sayeth Adam.

“Go on then, you punk-ass bitch. Don’t eat it. You think I give a rat’s ass? Look at you, naked as a jaybird, you got no job, what is up with that!” so sayeth Eve.

Which of course prompts Adam to eat, and the rest is history or myth, depending on who you listen to. But then it hit me…all Adam had to do was say No. Just say no. Nobody twisted his arm. Eve made a suggestion and it was his decision whether to follow it. Women have taken the rap for this bit of skulduggery for ages, and I do mean ages. And it was really Adam’s fault for not manning up to the challenge, so to speaketh. You may disagree, but I think it’s about time that Adam took responsibility for his own actions.

Now after Adam and Eve gets kicked out of the Garden of Eden, there is the story of Noah. I keep thinking how in the world did they round up all those animals, and did it include insects? They should have left the mosquitoes, spiders, and roaches off of the ark. And think about cleaning up after the elephants! Noah had some balls, is all I got to say… Just my opinion. But history does record a massive flood. Big flood

*February 3, 2009

Tarot reading for Me:




Love: The High Priestess

Touchstone: The Emperor

Career: The Lovers

“There's an element of contradiction in your love life today, Debra! The influence of the Emperor and the High Priestess is making you more critical, and this is putting distance between you and other people. You just can't stop yourself from challenging everyone's ideas and habits. It's making you cranky and dictatorial, so if you're not careful you'll be getting on your partner's nerves - or those of a potential new lover! A word of advice: stay away from heated discussions. Professionally speaking, you’re not feeling too confident of yourself today, as the Lovers plant a seed of doubt into everything you undertake. Thankfully the Emperor, who sets the general ambiance, radiates an air of stability and reassurance. You therefore don’t need to worry, because with his benevolent influence, you can build your day on very solid foundations. Just forget about your anxieties and get on with things!”

God, I’m so confused!! Tarot or Astrology? What does it all mean?? Maybe it means I should send that Nigerian guy my bank account information so he can help his poor Grandma fulfill her wish to give her multi-million dollar estate to a worthy person?? Like me…


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love tarot said...

The tarot takes a while to learn but once you get the hang of it it becomes really useful.

SJ said...

Send ME your bank info :)

I agree that Adam should accept his share of the blame. He ate it just to impress Eve and that does lead to trouble.

dawn said...

as you know men are weak and usually think with one part of the bod. I liked this post, I am a pisces and I think thats why we get along so well

Barbara said...

I think Numerology is the way to go but Tarot cards are nice to look at - 78 pieces of art that fit into the palm of your hand. Delicious!

just me said...

love tarot, My jury is still out on the tarot card thing...but it is fun to play around with, just wish it were Vincent D'onfrio instead!

SJ, first you will have to send me YOUR bank info so I can arrange a bank to bank transfer....

Dawn, like I said you are one of my heroes. My sister was a pisces, too.

Barbara, if you change your name one more ya been, girl!! Looking forward to your new blog, hint, hint!!

enigma4ever said...

great blog...thanks for coming to Watergate Summer....hmm, about astrology vs tarot....well, at this point we all need Something to tell the future...isn't it funny how many of us get emails from Nigeria ....HOW do they get our names and emails is what I want to know....keep blogging...( I am adding you to new blogs on my blogroll- hope that is okay...)

just me said...

Enigma4ever, good to see you here. I also get the same emails from England, Germany, and all points of the globe. Sometimes some poor duchess is just trying to hide her fortune from her wicked step-son, or vice-versa...