Dec 11, 2007


I have been dating a man named David.  Sounds biblical, but its not.  Anyway, things have been going pretty good.  I did write him a note saying something to the effect that I didn't think we should be anything more than friends, and he called me out on it.  He said, "Why did you do that for?"  I don't know. I really don't.  I guess the whole idea of answering to someone else has got me freaked. Plus it doesn't seem right yet to really enjoy myself, to think about my needs first. Its hard to explain, but it just doesn't seem like I should go on with living just yet.

Well, anyhoo, here is where the rumor mill kicks in.  Last night my son brought ne'er do well, A, home with him.  I always hate it when they get together because they act like two year olds.  A came into my room to talk about something, and sat on the foot of my bed.  The next thing I know he's stretched out on the foot of my bed, staring at the ceiling fan.  One wonders what he has been smoking.

Wouldn't you know it but here's when R walks in, my neighbor, and the one who introduced me to his good and bosom buddy, David.  He sees A, mumbles something, and rushes out the door.  My son finds this sort of behavior rude.  I, myself, am used to it.  This place is like OZ sometimes, in that people come and go extremely fast.

Later in the evening, I meet up with R, who tells me A had no business stretched out on the foot of my bed.  I could have said the F.O. phrase. But I didn't, as I am an extremely nice and patient person.  (Too nice and patient  for my own good at times) I explained to R that A is like a two year old to me, while his dark eyes watched me skeptically.  I explained that we were just talking, and I was comfortable within myself that nothing inappropriate had happened.  (And secretly I'm hoping he turns it into the biggest scandal in the neighborhood, which will take a lot of work on his part, I must admit.)  Deep down inside, I don't want to have a "boyfriend".  I don't want all the hassle and bullshit that comes with the territory.  I just want some one to hang out with sometimes.  Not every damned day.  Maybe twice a week or something.

Now, I ask you, gentle readers, what's wrong with that?


I kinda  know how this poor man feels.  You just never know what's going to happen.
Turkey problems

Personally, I would have saw it as a gift from the Gods, and caught that sucker for Christmas dinner, but when a 25lb turkey flew through this 83 year old apartment dwellers 3rd story window, he called maintenance!!  And what did they do?  They threw it back out the window.  I guess there's more than one way to kill a turkey.

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dawn said...

See I believe they call you a cougar. Have fun with David why label it. Ohhhh I'm telling A was on the foot of your bed!!!!! LMAO Love ya Deb

alphonsedamoose said...

What's wrong with that? Not a darn thing. In your own time, you will be ready for whatever or whoever life gives you.

eric1313 said...

I thought the neighbor guy was rude. Walking into somebody's home and making snap judgments about people there, that's just not a 'buddy' thing to do.

Tell David what you said, that you want space, and a little company a couple few times a week. He would have to go for it, I'm sure.

Peace out

Mary said...

Nothing wrong with that!

just me said...

Yeah, I believe I agree. Now if a 25 lb. turkey would just fly through my window.....

alphonsedamoose said...

Are we invited for dinner?

Babzy said...

I live on the 3rd floor and have my roasting pan ready just in case.

Why DID you do that? (send the note about being friends?) Was he being too pushy in the romance department?

My definition of being friends includes no sex. If sex is involved then it's more than a friendship and must be mutually monogamous.

But then, I'm just an old fashioned girl; an old fashioned girl with no boyfriend. HA

just me said...

Yes, Moose, when the turkey flies in the window, you can fly in the door.

babzy, you are way too perceptive for your own good, and mine. Of course a sexual relationship should be monogamous. I'm a firm believer in going to church. But, actually I think I'm more protestant than monogamous. I have never had an old-fashioned. I tend to favor margaritas.

I have no sense whatsoever.

Catmoves said...

Deb, if that turkey flies in your window, it has to go to Babzy. Then she and Wild Thing and I will have a feast.
Shucks, we'll even save you the wishbone. (And a reasonable bit of it for the cats.)