Dec 20, 2007


Arms outstretched, reaching

upward, toward blue sky

And Sirius clouds,

She reaches out toward

Transparent hands,

Longing so much

Just to brush

The tips of his oh so distant fingers.

But still they remain

Unreachable, untouchable.

Slowly she lowers her arm,

With head bowed,

A gentle breeze caressing her face,

She releases his spirit,

Trapped so long

Within her breast.

"Goodbye" she whispers

A faint, fragile tear

Trickles down her sun-blushed

cheek. "Until..." she murmurs.

Lifting her head,

In the warmth of the sun,

She feels his smile.


alphonsedamoose said...


Babzy said...

Sounds like you've perked up a little bit. I have a feeling you've done some praying. So have I, for you. I'm not sure if I believe in God but I'm sure He believes in us. Going to bed now.

Queenie said...

(((((HUGS)))) honey, I'm not tearing up honest!

Spadoman said...

They'll all be waiting for us on the other side.

Peace to All.

just me said...

Let the circle be unbroken....

eric1313 said...

Feel that smile forever--as I know you will. And rest easy knowing you did everything you could do, and held on as long as you could, as well.

The circle will be unbroken--it will. And you are the strongest link.

justme said...

Wow, Eric, you made me cry. Thanks for the compliment. But sometimes I don't feel so strong, you know? sometimes, I pray that I could go back and change things somehow.

eric1313 said...

So do I! I would love to change the past.

Or other's past. It's always in my mind, what could have been done right, done better.

Sorry to make you cry! And as for strength, your writing shows it, so don't let private moments of weakness make you think that you are not strong. Or brave. Or caring.

It's all good.