Feb 20, 2007

Oh, joy, joy, another opportunity for wealth has come my way via email!!

New Era Foundation18 Sprintex Road,
Tema,Accra Ghana.

I am Reverend .James Wright a director of the above mentioned foundation.Iam writing you in regard to a good friend of mine and founder of theNew Era Foundation,Mr Jim is a USA citizen who was the managingdirector of an investment firm here in Ghana.

Any relation to Mr. Bill? He fell on hard times, too. Like every week. I know. I saw the whole thing on SNL.

Unfortunately my friend Mr Jim died in 2000,He established thesefoundation to help less privileged minority people in our society whichit was doing before the unfortunate death of its founder.However i have contacted you because of an account which my late friendheld in a bank in London,this account held the sum of US$10Million ($10 million dollars only).I was notified by the bank that theAccount has remained dormant since his death and no next of kin hascome forward to claim these funds and they will freeze and declare the funds unclaimed .I did notify the relevant embassy to these regards but they wrote meinforming me that Late Mr Jim had no living relation or next of kin whocould come forward to claim these funds.

Sounds like an orphan to me.

That is why i am contacting younow since you are with the same last name and is eligibleto claim the funds as next of kin according to the banks regulations.The New Era Foundation has been suffering from a severe lack of fundssince the death of Mr Jim and as such have not be able to carry out ouractivities as stated by our founder ,I ask for your assistance andcooperation to help claim this funds from the bank as you are aforeigner with the same last name and is eligible to claim the funds asnext of kin so that the funds will be repatriated before it is frozenby the bank.It was because of these urgency that i had to contact you and thefoundation here in Ghana is in a financial mess as even the over 165minority children in our orphanage can't boast now of the better lifethey sort to find in our care since the death of their benefactor.

Look at that! Me and Mr. Jim had the same last name. Damn, I better check my family history, hell we might have been related. However, I kind of believe the foundation was a financial mess from the get-go.

There will be no difficulty in you claiming these funds since you areeligible and could easily stand as next of kin and the bank will pay inthe money into your nominated bank account when we conclude the claim.Once these money is transfered to you 40% will be for your assistance550% will be for the New Era foundation here in Ghana,while 5% will befor reconciliation of any expenses made during the course of thetransaction.

Ok, let's break this down one more time. We're working with 100%, right? So, I get 5%, and then 40%, which should leave 55% for these knotheads. But, 550% + 45% = 595%. Something seems a little off here, doesn't it? Or is it just me? I never was a math wizard.

I require your urgent response to my request as we do not have muchtime to begin the process of claim before the bank freezes theaccount.Get back to me You know how confidential this is ,I hope you keep it intact.I lookforward to hearing from you soon.

Well, I kept it intact, but confidential, well, it was too good not to share!

Respected Yours Till Then

Well, I guess I won't have to respect him anymore.

Reverend.James Wright

Ahh, look at that! He even gave me a link to Yahoo instant messenger. Wonder what his screen name is? But its for Australia! I thought he was from Ghana. Oh, well. My mistake.

Send instant messages to your online friends

Have these guys ever heard of spell check?

I'm sorry, but this was too funny not to share.


Mary said...

It does make you wonder if they get responses and how many.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I've been getting those by the bucket fulls lately!! I thought maybe it was because I lived in the Bible Belt. And if you have the time, and wish to have some fun....

This offers a great way to have some fun at their expense.:)

Spadoman said...

I'm feeling left out. I haven't seen one in a long time. Damn spam filter must be working. I'll reset my preferences.


Fuzzylogic said...

LOL,I got one from Nigeria and another shot at wealth by some more lotto company,I think I'll blog about that next,that was truly another hilarious mail:)