Feb 24, 2007


Free from dirt, stain, or impurities; unsoiled.

Free from foreign matter or pollution; unadulterated: clean air; clean drinking water.
Not infected: a clean wound.

Producing relatively little pollution: a clean fuel; a cleaner, more efficient engine.

Producing relatively little radioactive fallout or contamination: a clean nuclear bomb.

Having no imperfections or blemishes; regular or even: a clean edge; a smooth, clean joint.
Not ornate or intricate; spare: “the clean lines and exquisite proportions of early modernism” (Judith Thurman).

Sharply defined; clear-cut: a clean outline against the sky.

Free from clumsiness; deft; adroit: a clean throw.

Devoid of restrictions or encumbrances: a clean bill of health.

Thorough; complete: a clean getaway.

Having few alterations or corrections; legible: clean manuscript.
Blank: a clean page.

Morally pure; virtuous: led a clean life.

Having no marks of discredit or offense: a clean voting record.

Fit for all readers, listeners, or audiences; not ribald or obscene: a clean joke.

Honest or fair: a clean fighter; a clean competition.

Ok, everyone had a hissy-fit when Joe Biden referred to Barrack Obama as "clean". Since we are primarily a nation that doesn't read, many assumed he was speaking of clean as be free of drugs of addictions, or not dirty. I like this guy. He's straight-forward, has good ideas, and a proven track record.

My biggest beef with Hillary is that she moved from Arkansaw to New York in order to run for the Senate. She wanted more prestige, I guess, and didn't want to represent what many believe to be a backwards state. That speaks volumnes to me about her basic character. Plus, she seems to take offense at every little jab someone makes at her. If she's going to seriously persue a run for the presidency, she better get used to it. I just don't trust her. Even if it would be fantastic to have a woman in the white house, let's not jump at the first candidate that comes along. Many say she knows politics, but what kind of politics? She's no Eleanor Rosevelt, or Betty Ford, who actually worked in the trenches and were open about their struggles. Her politics are based on putting on a happy face and pretending nothing is wrong. And we want her for our leader? I don't.

Barrack Obama is a force to be reckoned with. However, his lack of experience bothers me. Yes, I would love to see a black president, and his religious beliefs are his, and should be respected. But what does he really know about the ins and outs of the Washington Political machine? His freshness and idealism could very well be his downfall. Anyone can speak the words we want to hear, (except George Bush, for some reason)but do they have the where-with-all to back it up? Experience, forsight, and a legitimate working plan is what we should look for.

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