Nov 8, 2006

Windows live writer 2

It worked!!  I actually got this thing to work.  Pretty cool, huh?  Been sitting around today thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, and wondering how in the world did they sneak up on me again?  Seems like the other day it was the fourth of July.  I'm getting a head start on the shopping this year.  No more Christmas Eve mad dash for least I hope not. 

Its raining here on the outside of nowhere.  Yes, even the rain finds us out here.  Supposed to rain all week.   Oh, happy day! 

We see you later, here  FTOON.  (from the outside of nowhere.)

1 comment:

Bruno said...

FTOON---now ain't that just cute! Glad you explained it! I kept wondering, "Just what the hell is a FTOON"? Almost as bad as 3's, ain't it?

I'll start out on ya' easy, until the paint dries on your new blog! (Glad you're back, missed ya'!)

Oh, and, 3's to ya'!