Nov 18, 2006


My oldest son is now officially engaged. And, wonder of wonders, don't anybody fall over now, but his fiance and I get along very well. She has a six year old daughter, who, bless her heart acts like a six year old. They are talking about making babies, and she's showing me her wedding dress ideas, and I'm thinking, "If they can make it through the wedding, they will be ok." I have yet to be a part of a wedding where some great controversy has not occurred. Nerves, anxiety, doubt, excitement, I don't know what causes it, but I have always seen it. Same thing with funerals, unfortunately. Everyone has their own idea of how the service should be conducted, and no one agrees. Perhaps that's the culprit. We all think our own ideas are the best, most original, and perfect.

However, with my son and his fiance, I am just going to roll with the flow. If they want to get married in the backyard, stark naked, I'll throw up a privacy fence for the day. That's in case the cops show up, and of this moment, I don't think any cops are supposed to be in the wedding party. However, I will opt to wear a towel. Remember we would want this to be a joyous occasion, not one to frighten older people and small children, and most men. And then, there is always the possibility that they will want to elope, or just cross the state line and get maried, as they say today. (Oh, happy day!) But, the way she is looking at the wedding dresses and reading Bridal magazines, I fear that will not be the case.

I am so very proud of my son. After he pissed her off royally, she gave him the silent treatment. He went from, well the hell with her, to, why doesn't she call? Her friends say she is miserable....So, he sends flowers, she cries, she still won't talk to him. One minute he's mad, the next minute he's I don't care, there's plenty of girls out there, and then he does the most romantic thing. He buys a ring, goes to her house, gets down on one knee, and that does the trick. And I don't blame him. She is a rare breed these days, an independant, level-headed, beautiful young woman. Life can be wonderful at times...


Bruno said...

See? Sometimes good things really DO come to those who wait! Sounds like a another chance at a "normal" lifestyle to me!

Scott said...

is E.J older than Trav? I could have sworn Trav was older.....oh well, congrats anyways