Nov 9, 2006

Charter - News


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Snails, snails everywhere, and nobody wants to eat these rascals.  Actually, I don't want to eat any kind of snail.  This whole story has all the makings  of  a one star horror movie.  A snail as big as your hand?  No thanks, don't want any here in FTOON. 


Click the link if you just want to see the slimy creature.  And, cancel your trip to Barbados, like, yesterday.

Later, gators...


Bruno said...

What do they call that, some kinda French-soundin' name---escargot, or somethin'!(a.k.a., slugs on a half-shell!)

So, they seen some snails riding on the backs of others---huh, imagine that! I'll bet they weren't car-pooling, like this idiot thinks they were!

cats_meow said...

I thought the same maybe they needed a little privacy?