Nov 16, 2006

My job in the adult entertainment industry

I bet you thought I really worked in the adult entertainment industry, didn't you? Maybe if they had private screenings at the local VFW, but that that's about the only place I might be able to pass for sexy. And that insults our veterans. I have been into an adult bookstore, and, foolish me, I thought all they sold were books. I walked around with wide eyes, saying to myself, "What the hell is that used for?" Then, "I don't think I want to know," all the while trying to appear that this is something I have done many times before. Walk into an adult bookstore I mean. Talking to myself, hell, I do that all the time.

According to experts, my adult industry job would be...
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It's not just about sitting behind a counter, taking people's money and dealing with shop lifters, you get to meet 'interesting' people as well
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Bruno said...

If I recall correctly, you once stated that you looked good in red, MS. Devil...And I agreed!

And we thought librarians were all prudes---now we know what bookworms are REALLY interested in "reading", huh?

deb50 said...

Now, I went in there with a friend of mine who was looking for a job, so he could write it down on his unemployment papers. It was a second party bookstore entering...thingy. That don't sound right, does it?

Bruno said...

Naww, 'fraid ya made it worse yet! "Second-party" weren't bad---I think it was the "thingy" thing that shone out!

My gawd---they still use actual paper in your state for claims? That in itself'd make a scary book! Or, was that just a mistake in your cover-----?!