Nov 8, 2006

Virginia Elections

Well, it looks like the homophobic state of Virginia scores one for the illiterate, again. A state constitutional ammendment that bans marriage, or does not even recognize legal marriage's performed elsewhere, between members of the same sex was voted into law yesterday. What is it with the people of Virginia and like-minded individuals, that they are so concerned with the sexual needs or practices of same-sex couples? Let's be honest, folks. This is what it really boils down to. Even though most heterosexual couples may often engage in the same sexual acts. What is important is that when two people love and respect one another, to the extent that they vow to spend their lives together, that vow should be protected by laws governed to protect the rights of both parties of the union. What's next, people? Any known couples engaging in perverse sexual acts will not be recognized as having a valid marriage? What about the man and woman who have been together for 12 years, but do not have that certificate of marriage? Under this new amendment, their rights just went out the window, too.

Why does the government feel the need to dictate how we lead our personal lives, as long as the way we conduct our lives, causes harm to no one else? Will we ever get out of the dark ages, and progress to the point that most people don't care what their neighbors do, as long as it doesn't cause anyone else any harm?

Here, in the outskirts of nowhere, we don't give a damn who marries who, or who doesn't marry who. We recognize and honor committment.


Bruno said...

Why does government think like that? Because, it makes good political fodder, lines the pockets of all the lawyers, counselors, etc. involved. If you put the right spin on it, it translates into political gain, at least for the present run for office. Who knows, maybe at re-election time, they'll spin it back the other way, smear their constituents! (Lady, you got a way of rubbin' off on me, for some reason! I guess that's good???)

cats_meow said...

Of course that's a good thing, I think...