Nov 9, 2007

I'm back and the move is complete.

I'm back. Who said it best? I think catmoves said there is no such thing as a short move. Well, he was absolutely right. I cried, I laughed, I got mad, I got sad, I worked my tail off, and everyone else's I could find, but I'm glad to report there were no casualties associated with the move. I almost strangled my neighbor Roger, but my son took me aside, and said, "Mom, chill out! Now!" Amazingly, I did.

What is it about moving, or weddings, or funerals, or any major event that brings out the very best and the very worst in ourselves? God only knows, I expect, and he's not talking. At least not to me. Anybody have Bush's cell phone number? Maybe God told him.

No, Babzy I am not a college kid with a fake blog. If I were, trust me, this blog would be more outrageous than it already is. If it is outrageous. I don't know.

Dawn, bless your heart for checking up on me. It's nice to be missed. And, it's so good to see Queenie is back.

I spent yesterday crawling around under my new home hooking up a phone jack for this computer. I thought I'd go through some kind of withdrawal period, not being able to access the net or this blog, but I didn't. I did, however, forget to go to court about my traffic tickets. Yikes! Wonder if I can blog from prison? No, I don't think that will be the case, just a bunch of nasty-ass fines, and higher insurance. The story of my life, in technicolor, no less.

I met an older lady who has been interested in my son. She's in her late 50's, born in WV, but grew up in New York. Some how that seems illegal. Anyway, she stopped by one night, and stayed for quite some time. When I explained to her about my youngest son, after she commented on his picture, she launched into a political discussion that pretty much ran along the lines that this country was down the tubes and beyond saving. (Personally, I haven't reached that point yet.) She asked a lot of questions about Travis, while EJ tried to run interference, thinking it would upset me, and sometimes it is hard to talk about. But it was actually nice for someone to want to know about him. She may have her ways, but I think I like her. She is who she is. However, I am one of those people who, because of the way I was raised, will allow a guest to run on about anything. I find it rude to say, Gee, I wish you would shut the fuck up, so I don't say that. Rarely will I say, Could we talk about something else? So, when she went to the bathroom, I went to bed. It was, after all, 2:00 am.

I don't drink, but many of the people who come to visit do. I don't like to judge them. I mean I do have my Busch NA, just because I used to drink, and like the taste of beer. This usually shocks younger people, who, of course drink for the sole purpose of getting 'fucked up', as one explained to me. Anyway, after my departure, my son and his ne'er do well friend, A, were left to discuss the fate of our great nation. I fear they were not up to the task, either. EJ has no problem telling someone to 'shut the fuck up'. A came to help us move, but for the life of me, I don't recall him doing anything but eating.


I really like my new home. When I walk out on the back deck, there is nothing but trees and plants. A nice place. A sacred place. I'm going to like it here.



dawn said...

Hey Deb, glad to see you back and okay, moving is such a pain in the ass. Love the pictures, they are hilarious. Maybe I didn't read this right but was the woman your new neighbor? Anyhoo I'm glad you and your wisdom are back. Yoou know I think back to when we all started and what a llong way we have all come. Love ya enjoy your weekend.

alphonsedamoose said...

Glad you are back Deb. The picture s of the car are hilarious, and I mean that in a good way.
I do that with people too, when they talk to much. Just say I am tired and going to bed. Usually they get the hint. Course we don't get many visitors anymore.

Queenie said...

Yay your back, missed you. Don't worry about jail, I'll give you a Royal Pardon.
So pleased you like your new home, may peace and happiness suround you. BTW love the pics...

Anonymous said...

Finally you're back. We've been checking and checking and waiting and waiting.

You have a lot of patience and grace. I'm afraid I would have had the PJ's on much sooner. Is this woman a new neighbour? Lordy!

I love the thought of you having a nice view of trees and foilage from your back deck. Very soothing. Hope you find some peace there.

Missed you.

Anonymous said...

BTW that's a cute kitty picture for your profile.

*Goddess* said...

LOL! I love that swing set picture, but even THINKING about moving would make me cry. I never realized how much JUNK I've accumulated. There are days I just want to take a box of garbage bags and go through the entire house. Actually, I probably should do this annually. It would be good for the soul...but probably little else:)

just me said...

Dawn, Babzy, the lady is not my neighbor, thank goodness. But she has a lot of friends around here, and I imagine she will drop in now and then. She's a smart lady.

Goddess, I have those same feelings. But even with moving, I still kept all my useless junk. Because, you never know when you might need that bank statement from June, 1998, and how can I throw away that thing that someone gave me for some reason?

Queenie, I'm just glad you are doing ok.

Moose, you have the most important "visitor" in the world...Owen.

Yep, it is good to be back.

Woozie said...

Sure you may think it's rude to say "Gee, i wish you'd shut the fuck up" but I challenge you to say you've never come close ;)

Spadoman said...

Welcome Home.

BRUNO said...

Hope you like it there, but it's still too damned many people, too close, for ME!!!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh, those pictures are priceless! Welcome back, bonny lass, you've been missed. It's hard to switch some folk off, isn't it? Although the circumstances are hugely different, I find people who don't know me well often respond in one of two ways regards to my son - they either never, ever mention he exists, or they ask very intrusive, bordering upon insulting questions about him, like he's some kind of freak who should be kept in a cage. It's not intentional, they simply don't know any better.

Congratulations on the move, hope you settle quickly in (and we can have you fully back to blogging)!

just me said...

Yes, Woozie, I have been close, as close as the infamous C hair, to saying those exact words. I have told everyone to get the hell out of my house because they insulted my oldest son. You can shit on me, but don't touch my boy.

Thanks Spado, and just thanks for being you.

Bruno, yes, there are many people, and I would rather live on a 100 acre ranch in the outskirts of nowhere, but, for now, this'll do.

Carol, I'm sorry people treat your son so disrespectfully. Honestly, if I had the wonderful opportunity to meet you and your fine family, I would probably ask you straight up, what I shouldn't do, then treat him pretty much like any other young man. I expect he'll let me know in his own way whether he enjoy's my company or not.

I took care of a lady when I was in home health, who's daughter was epileptic, and 'mentally challenged'. This is no way the same as autism, as from what I've read most people who are autistic are extremely intelligent. The only difference I saw was sometimes you just needed to explain things more. She loved to tell me about how her boyfriend was not any good in bed. She was in her 50's and looked about 25. There was in her an absolute joy and she wanted us to be sisters. She is one of the people I will never forget.

I have always felt that those who are mentally challenged are closer to God, or whatever you want to call that which is greater than us. Don't know why, just always have.

Anonymous said...

Deb, your 50 year old friend looks 25 because of no stress.
Hey! You almost said the C word. I have my bar of soap ready and waiting. hee hee Just kidding.

I must do a post about living in a citified area compared to living in a isolated area. I've done both so I consider myself an expert.

Why did those people insult your boy? You don't have to tell me. I'm just curious so I can be mad too. It's so true though. You can complain and even insult your own family and friends but God help anyone else who does.

just me said...

Babzy,let's say a lot of alchohol was involved, and he was waxing philosophical on "reality" which is a conversation he always wins. He's so smart, he scares me. Someone said something, which he ignored, but I got kinda sorta irate. Then it was "Hey, everybody out of the pool!"

Stephen Rader said...

Congratulations on getting through the move and on your new place. It sounds wonderful and peaceful. Beautiful post, as always.