Nov 27, 2007


My friend, well, my son's ne'er do well friend, A, called me the other night.

He said, "Hey, I'm just giving you a head's up." No, it had nothing to do with the stock market. I've been called a lot of things, but never have I been called Martha.

"Amb just called me, saying that a kid named "this or that" called her and told her that EJ went crazy and punched holes in the walls, and made you have a heart attack, and that you and me were having an affair." Amb is my son's daughter, who for reasons that would take two years to explain, lives with her maternal grandmother, the she-wolf. (Now that wasn't nice!) The she wolf hates my guts, by the way.

I am proud of myself that I didn't bust out into guffaws of laughter when he said affair. A is an unusual person. Unique in his view of life. in that he is always right, and everyone else is an idiot. And he is like a long, lost son to me. One that could have stayed lost.

Of course, none of this is accurate, as the 'official' story is that I was having severe chest pains, and went to the hospital. And I did have chest pains, but that's another story, maybe I will share later. No holes were punched. I do not plan to ever have an affair with A. Oh, he's a handsome young man, but I fear I would be in prison should we become too close for too long.

I know how this rumor was started. I know where the kid got his twisted info, and it was unfortunate, yet innocent. So, after my first inclination that I should hunt him down and give him the world's biggest ass whooping (and his Daddy too), I have come to the conclusion that I will do nothing.

People love a good tragedy. Ole Will Shakespeare knew that one, didn't he? And people love to gossip. My mother always said, "Well, if they're talking about then at least they're leaving everyone else alone....."

I think that was wisdom.

I am learning that many people hate my guts. (See above)

And, frankly, gentle readers, I don't give a damn.


dawn said...

God you have been having a rough go of it, as for the dentist below find a new one if the teeth are as loose as you say you don't need an oral surgeon. I do want to know about the chest but i'll wait. An affair with a young buck who knew you were that kinky !!! I love rumors. Feel good my friend or have an affair

Spadoman said...

The rumor (and partial truth), mill are up and running around here too. Like I've said many times in my spiritual lessons, "It is none of my business what you think of me." Not you, Just me, but the collective plural "you".

People will judge and make up their minds based on what they want to believe or have listened to. They judge based on what they would do, but they don't know what they'd do until the same thing happens to them. Some people makes mistakes. No one makes no mistakes.

Keep the spirits like you have them. You can't control what others think say or do. It's damn hard for me to control what I say think and do. But I pride myself on telling the truth.

Chest pains?

Peace to All.

alphonsedamoose said...

Deb, Enjoy the affair.Maybe get A o play along and you could have areal ball with it.
As for the chest pains- you should know you have to watch carefully. We want you around for a long time.I will await the full story with bated breath.

just me said...

I was diagnosed with angina about 4 years ago, and every so often I will get chest pains. I guess its called unstable angina, but cause they just come and go.

I do know that the neurontin has helped a lot with the nerve pain I had.

Nope, Moose, I just can't even pretend I'm having an affair with A. He's half my age, and as dumb as a bag of hammers....ok, I know that was uncalled for.

Thank you Dawn. I guess I'll just feel good.

Spado, I actually gave up a long time ago trying to please people.

Spadoman said...

Angina is controlled for me. I have the pills in my pocket and pretty much know when I'm going to get chest pain. In the instances when I didn't know, I ended up in the hospital with my chest cut open.

I laughed as I remembered the expression we used (and still use when elated about something).

An example would be if someone got tickets for a great concert and was going to take you with them and share their good fortune. When they told you, you might respond, "Fuckin' A"

Gives it a new meaning now, doesn't it?

The other thing is your comment about the bag of hammers. That plays out to be a trueism of a joke my wife tells.

"What is the useless skin at the end of a penis?"

"I don't know, what?"

"A man"

Bag of hammers ain't so bad.

Peace to All.

eric1313 said...

Much ado about nothing, ehh? Well, something--sorry to hear about the heart issues.

Yes, if they're talking about you, at least you are in their hearts and in their minds.

Catmoves said...

justme is kinky? With a boy less than half her age? And has a pic of Clark Gable (big ears and all)? And even has something to with she wolves? Oh, for heaven's sake. Take two assburns and call me in the morning.
Now get yourself well and tell us those fascinating stories about the girls and vague relatives in your life. We love you, you know.