Dec 16, 2006

Things I still have to do before Christmas:

Call some friends, get some stocking stuffers, get the "Christmas Goose", and search for that illusive Christmas spririt that seems to disappear from the room just as I walk in. Its not that I don't have any excitement about Christmas, well, no, actually that's pretty much it in a nutshell.

Maybe its my age. Once you've done this for 40 years or so, you pretty much know the routine. I think one year I'm going to go camping or something, get away from all the Christmas hoohoo, and just watch the little animals play in the woods. Of course, with my luck, some bear will come up and decide to join me for the holidays, and so he won't eat me, I'll still have to lay out some kind of spread besides nuts and berries. It will be that one last onery bear that doesn't have the spirit either, and has decided to roam the earth instead of hybernating like all his good friends and neighbors. Maybe I could dress him up like a reindeer or something. I think thats probably a bad idea.

Maybe a Christmas cruise where I'll set around with other seniors and try to catch some old codgers eye, so we can trip the light fantastic. Of course instead of shuffle board we'll be doing morning aerobics and be two damned stiff and tired for anything else, popping that extra-strength tylenol for all its worth.

Maybe I could go on a bicycle tour of Europe, like the young people do, or Australia, that would be better. Hit the outback, get lost, and wander about for a week or so. Maybe run across a few of those spiders as big as a watermelon. Now, that would make my day. Of course I might meet some rich Australian sheep farmer who hasn't seen a woman in 10 years, and make his lights twinkle a little brighter. No, I'd probably run into some sweet young backpackers who would call me Ma'am, and offer to carry me back to the old-folks home.

Where is that Christmas spirit?!? No, wait, I see it, its right there, I can almost reach it....damn!! missed it again. Guess I'll keep trying.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Once you've done this for 40 years or so, you pretty much know the routine.
You'd sure think so, huh?:) Don't be so hard on yourself. You've had the Christmas spirit for some time now, and it's been my honor to read them all.

The ideas you listed as alternate activities are all good but one - the old fart cruise line. Skip it in favor of a young fart's cruise line. The old fart's are plastered by dinner time, and bore the hell out of you with how the world would run right if only it did what they said. There is some real entertainment on those cruises tho: they often forget to check the wind when they're leaning over the rail to make room for another bloody mary.:)

Have you ever had goose? I never have. I assume it tastes like.....chicken.:) That's the fall back for "I have no idea!", it seems.:) You can start the spark back up tomorrow morning. Toast your eggs and fry your toast!!

Never tried it, but I'm told it's exciting!:)

spadoman said...

Just you.... (Just Me)....

You have all the spirit you need. If you are gonna keep tring, you've got it all. That's what its all about.

When my first born left this world in 1991, we stopped "doing" Christmas. That first year I tapped out a Visa card and wife and other two daughters went to the Cayman Islands. I drank for a week, (nope, no worries about the wind and the bloody mary's, I used to be able to hold my liquor in those days).

Since then, the holidays slowly have crept back into our lives. I guess we kept trying, like you.

There have been many reports and posts around that have these depression like feelings. I thought it was only me, but a lot of folks struggle. We're all in this together. We're all clown bozos on this bus.
Sit back and enjoy the company.

Mary said...

I get to feeling like that too. All we can do is just keep going. Then again an adventure never hurt anyone did it?