Dec 4, 2006

Christmas revisited

I thought I would be smart today. The cats woke me up at 5:00 am, just to be mean I think, so I stayed up. I decided I would get a jump start on everyone else and go to walmart for some Christmas things, you know, those things you had last year, and now have no idea in hell what you did with them? Well, to my surprise, everyone in southeastern Va had the same idea. I learned that Sunday morning is the day that all the young couples with kids in tow do their grocery shopping. It sure brought back memories. Of course when I was that young mother, and the boys were going in opposite directions, and I'm pulling two buggies, and saying, "Get your ass back here, right now, I mean it, come on now, I ain't playing, no you can't have that, come here, " which at this time, you leave your buggies and go get your younguns, and come back to find your buggies have been pushed to the side.

Oh, such memories. My boys were eleven months apart, and for the first twelve years after they were born, I don't think I ever stopped moving. I had a marvelous figure, but was too tired to even care. And, every Christmas I would rack my brain trying to figure out how to get them everything they wanted and still pay bills, and eat. Compromise is a painful thing at times. Those times when you took your bills and put them in a box and pulled out two, and paid those, and prayed for the best. But, no matter how tough it seemed, I look back and realize it was the best time in my life. I had both of my little boys, and sometimes my husband was there, saying, "Hell, I don't know what to do with them! They're too young to hunt..." But every Christmas we had a nice dinner, a tree, and presents for the boys.

As they got older, I would take them shopping so they could buy gifts for each other, and their daddy. My oldest got everybody a pair of socks, and something he had his eye for himself. My youngest, bless his heart, picked out something nice for everyone, but always got me something very touching. But it was all good. And it was wonderful to watch them as they got older, doing the same thing for their children.

Many times this last year or so, I have prayed please let me go back. God, just please let me wake up, and the boys are small, and we're all together again, but it doesn't happen. We just go on and cherish those wonderful memories. I'm learning everyday that memories are not so much the big things in life, its the little things, like walking through the grocery store and seeing a box of Keebler Club Crackers, and remembering that was my boy's favorite crackers, and wishing I could send him a hundred boxes. The little things. That's what stays with you the most.


Bruno said...

Yes, if we COULD only go back, with everyone together and well. But, the outcome would STILL be the same, I fear, even on the second, or third, try, at starting over. To re-live the GOOD times, would undoubtedly mean we must re-live the BAD, as well. But then again, this is only MY opinion. And, opinions are just like assholes: Everyone has their own!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Your trips down memory lane are fascinating, and enjoyable.

Re taking the youngin's along shopping with us: Isn't that where we learned to herd cats?:)

just me said...

Lol, it is pretty much like herding cats isn't it? Both are independent, don't listen, curious, and hard to catch. And they can run like crazy.

pissed off patricia said...

I think when we don't have as much we concentrate more on what we really do have and realize its value.

Most people look back on the part of their life when finances were tight as some of the best times of their life because everything meant something then. It had too.

Funny how Christmas causes us to flip through the photos in our memories.

Goddess said...

I often wonder if the Christmases were that wonderful or if our minds are playing tricks on us?

Not unlike mine cuz I've tried to leave this dumb comment about three times now...sigh.

All I can remember is how different Christmas was when I was a kid and when I was suddenly responsible for paying for our own Christmas. Yikes! Sucked the fun right out of it;)

Viking said...

These are my favorite posts.


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