Dec 21, 2006

For lack of anything better to do, other than read Dean Kootnz new book "Brother Thomas" from the Odd Thomas series, I watched a show on TV called Top Chef, on the Bravo channel. It is a regular reality series, and I discovered I loved it. You get so caught up in the race to prepare the food, see which team wins, and, of course, you have your favorites.

Having cooked many a meal, and for upwards of 15 people, I understand the concept of planning. And I anticipate that something will go wrong somewhere, so you better have a back up plan. But what struck me so much about this show was the arguing and back-stabbing, the tremendous egos at work. Last night, the episode I watched one of the chefs, Mia, (pictured above) got upset and walked off, and rightly so, I might add. Well, her complaints were valid, and her actions were noble, but I would have liked to see her stay. She left so another person could stay. I think she was just basically sick of the whole shebang. I have quit jobs for the same reason. But, then, I work best when I know what the job is, and just do it, without anyone telling me do this, or do that. Give me the details, and let me go.

And, having been involved in team efforts as well, there is always someone in the crowd who has to have their way, or has to be an asshole, or just gets on your nerves. Sometimes, its probably been me, I imagine.

But, back to this show, some of the foods they prepared, though they sounded quite tasty, would probably make me puke. But the effort that went into it all was amazing. If you haven't watched this show, check it out. It was fascinating.

And, "Brother Thomas" is an excellent book. I love Odd Thomas. A wonderfully human character.

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

I don't get the Bravo channel on my cable, but I do get several "cooking" shows. I'm always amused by "points given for presentation." Hey folks, I ain't gonna look at it all night - I'm gonna eat it!:)

And I sure don't have the kitchen, and appliances they have, by far.:)