Mar 8, 2008


Each day at work seems to bring a different kind of personality through the door.  There are days I dub old people day, kid day, stupid day, and question day.  Yesterday, everyone was full of questions. Unfortunately, I did not have all the answers.

One lady bought 30 boxes of tissues to distribute to the needy.  A very noble endeavor, but I kept thinking if I were needy, tissues would be the last thing I wanted. Call me ungrateful and mean, I just felt like food might have been more appropriate. Boxes and boxes of Kleenex, the small boxes at that.

She also bought toilet paper, six packs of 24 rolls.  These also were for the needy. And, yes, I can see this as a necessity, and an often overlooked one at that. She was quite demanding in how many bags to use, what size, and was overjoyed in recounting her last visit to Mexico. Maybe she's going back!!  Just another night in the little store that could.

I have found that the nicer the customer is dressed, the ruder they can be. I often forget I wear a name tag, and that when people call me by my name, its because of the tag. It takes away a certain sense of privacy for me. The toilet paper lady used my name frequently and was dressed extremely well.  Ok, maybe I have a little reverse discrimination going on, who knows? Maybe I am prejudiced against people with a lot of money.

My favorite customer is the elderly man, who knows what he wants to buy, doesn't fuss about every little thing, and digs in his pockets for the correct change. He is invariably polite. They also remind me of my dad.  Enough said.


alphonsedamoose said...

I agree with you Deb. It seems the more money people have, the ruder they are. they seem to think that the world owes them

SJ said...

You have an issue with tissues? Cldn't miss thaat could I.

just me said...

I have always had issues with tissues. HA! Yes moose, I think the rich are, I like your new look tres sexy!

Babzy said...

All the new people moving into our town are mega-rich. When they start name-dropping, talking about their new cars and their fancy homes my eyes glaze over and I wander away.

I'm sure they have soft tissues to blow their little turned-up noses. People like me just honk into a wad of toilet paper.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

The elderly, polite dude sounds like me!

I suppose one really comprehend the needs of the poor unless one has been there, in their shoes.

just me said...

How right you are Nick. I can see polite, but not elderly, not for a good long while, Nick.

Babzy, I do the same thing. If I feel a good cry coming on, I grab a roll of toilet paper and let go....