Mar 24, 2008

What happened to the Easter Bunny?

I almost shot the Easter Bunny yesterday and put him in my stew pot. A few carrots and taters, he would have made pretty good eatin'. 'Cept maybe he would be a little gamy. You can never get that wild taste out of rabbit, I don't care who you are.

I can't quite figure what made me so mad at the little bastard. I mean here was all the kids a opening up their baskets and tearing cellophane to beat the band, and they had video games, and cd's and DVD's, they had toys, and all kinds of candy. Big ole candy bars, too. Made me think about my Easter baskets when I was a wee tot. Full of boiled eggs, they were, and a few jelly beans that you had to hunt for under the fake grass. I mean, how many boiled eggs can a kid eat? How many do they want to eat?

When did Easter turn into Christmas II, is what I want to know. We didn't go to church before dawn, and stand outside in the dewy morning, waiting for the sun to come up, either. We didn't have to troop back in the church and listen to the preacher man yap on for hours and hours, or so it seemed. Nobody snored cause they had to get up so early after tasting Grandma's whiskey the night before.

What happened to the Easter Bunny? He has turned from a cute little bunny hopping around the bunny trail to a pimp riding in a limo, smoking a big cigar.

Its a shame. Its a damn shame.


I Just Putter Around said...

I have yet to figure out what rabbits and chickens have to do with Christ supposedly rising from his grave!

What happened to the easter bunny? Two things. One, Energizer batteries ran him down to a shadow of his former self, two, he ran smack dab into commercialism.

SJ said...

We haven't figured out "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" yet with certainty and already we have to worry about "What Happened to E.B?".

Woozie said...

Who did frame Roger Rabbit again?

Babzy said...

On the way to my sister's yesterday my Mom asked me if I got anything for the kids. I said no, of course not. I don't remember anyone other than the Easter bunny giving us treats as kids. We never expected it.

Maybe I sound like a grinch but cripes how much stuff do we have to give kids. Let em eat boiled eggs I say. HA

just me said...

I just putter, good to see you here. And I agree 100%!

SJ, Woozie, the easter bunny framed Roger Rabbit.

Babzy, Kids clean up at Easter time.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thar rabbit has certainly taken over Easter, hasn't he? When Alex the cat who owns me got teed off because I wouldn't allow him to sample my chocolate bunny rabbit ("Chocolate makes kitty cats ill," I said), I suggested that he go outside and stalk real rabbits. He did, but came home without fining any. I think.