Mar 21, 2008

Should have...

Could have

Should have

Would have

But I didn't, and I can't go back.

The way back

Is barred,

The door to yesterday

Locked and bolted

Tight and secure.

No prying fingers

Can find their way

Back to tomorrow.

No matter how hard they try.

Take could have

Would have

Should have

Toss them far into the sea

And pray

They wash up

On some distant

Deserted shore.

Never to be found again.

Could have

Brings pain.

Should have

brings sorrow

And didn't brings

Unspeakable anguish.

Let's send them

Now quickly

We've no need of them.

Not now.

And not ever.


SJ said...

I could have not said that this is great. Then I would have regretted that I didn't do something I should have.

Anonymous said...

Deb, I would like to sit on one of those rocks with you and watch the ocean and sky.

alphonsedamoose said...

Could have , should have, would have-all regretful statements that we can no longer do anything about. Well said.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

A lot of folks (including this writer), struggle mightily with the fact life doesn't come with a Crtl-Z.

That beer commercial of years ago was right. "You only go around once."

SpongyBones said...

wow. great stuff!

Happy Easter. Word of caution. If you see large pink bunnies this year don't mistake them for the pink elephants :)!