Mar 10, 2008

Monday is Shrink day......

I see my psychiatrist today. Let's call a spade a spade, shall we? Anyway, I plan to talk about my medication big time. I miss that feeling of writing whatever is in my mind at the moment. Right now, there seems to be nothing in my mind but what is on for today, which is not much.

Got a call out of the blue from Jonathon's grandmother. You may remember Jonathon as the young man who lost his life not quite a year after Travis left us. He Travis and EJ grew up together. We used to be the greatest of friends, did everything together, Joann and I, and we had a fight over kids. Imagine that! Anyway, now we are friends again. She called to tell me that a story appeared in the paper out in Washington, or California, I forget where she is now, that featured Travis' widow and children. Never lets a photo-op pass her by, now does she? Ok, that was mean. Very mean. Extremely mean. And, boy did it feel good.

My daughter in law has reminded me, that as the next of kin, she owns the rights to Travis' image. Let her use it wisely.

The psychotic bird is back, banging its head against the window. Thump, thump, thump, it is driving the cats to distraction. I still believe he sees his reflection and is trying to thwart off competition. I must get a new camera. Its a cedar waxwing. Let's hope his courtship goes off without a hitch. HA! Providing he doesn't knock himself out first.


alphonsedamoose said...

Love the Waxwing Deb. We get hundreds of them here in the winter eating the berries left on our Mountain Ash trees.
Let us hope that she does use his image widely.

SpongyBones said...

She better or she will have all our wrath upon her.

I take medication too that seems to ruin my, hmmmm, creative side. I hate it ... it's like a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I feel so dang uncreative that it drives me more insane then not being on the meds and being creative.

You're not alone my friend!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Like the new look. I will visit and let you know when I'm back in biz. Did you see the movie In the Valley of Elah? It was great, but very upsetting.

dawn said...

I have never thought about owning the rights to an image. Something is definetly off with her.Maybe the crazy bird is a sign.

just me said...

Moose, I like the little bird too, I just hope he doesn't hurt himself.

I just would prefer she didn't use his image politically, but I have no control over that.

Spongy, meds sometimes suck, that's for sure. I started a new one yesterday and i'm so dizzy today, I couldn't work. I can type, though:)

Enemy, good to see you here. No, I don't watch any movie that includes the war in Iraq as its subject. It's too upsetting, and I don't like to think of hollywood making a profit off of this war.

Dawn, it does seem strange doesn't it? She makes the papers just about everywhere. I do support her determination and drive. She is an incredible woman.

Anonymous said...

All we ever get around here are crows and seagulls. There was an eagle flying around the other day but the seagulls chased him away. What if you taped a picture of a big hissing mountain lion to the window?

There's something not right about a spouse being the next of kin to a mother's adult child, a child she gave birth to, cared for, loved, and devoted her motherly life to and to whom she passed along the family DNA.

I know I'm going against many beliefs and religious teachings and civil law but it wouldn't be the first time. Nobody has to agree with me.

(Deb, maybe I shouldn't have written this. Doesn't change how I feel but it's your blog.)

just me said...

Babzy, you are more than welcome to express your opinion, whatever it is, any time you want here on the Outside of Nowhere. We support free speech.

alphonsedamoose said...

Deb: I agree with Babzy on this one. I think the parent(s) should have as much right as the wife in a case like this.

No said...

I can so feel your pain about the mental health thing, and the changing of the meds, etc...I cannot imagine the situation with your daughter in law, and how much that would bother me...You gotta give yourself credit for coping as well as you have...I guess those of us who've had to deal with this mental health shit for so many years develop great coping skills, huh?