Jan 7, 2008

Monday, monday

I used to hate Mondays. The beginning of a school week. Whether it was me or the boys, I hated Mondays. Now, they are just another day. I'll chalk that up to age and maturity. I know now that nothing different will happen on Monday. Or the rest of the week, it seems. Mondays almost drive one to drink.

I was going to write about that guy in Texas who did an Ed Gein on his girlfriend, but I thought, why give him the notoriety? He may or may not be insane. Gein was judged to be insane and died in a mental hospital. Jeffery Dalmer was not insane, yet Marvin Gaye's father was judged to be insane. I mention Marvin Gaye's father because he killed Marvin Gaye.

At first sentenced to 6 years for manslaughter, Gaye Sr. was discovered to have a brain tumor. He spent the rest of his life in a retirement home. One of the most influential contributors to Soul and Rhythm and Blues, oh, hell, music period, was murdered by his own father, on April Fool's day, no less.

To me, anyone who commits these kinds of crimes, especially the act of cannibalism, has to be a little off kilter in our society. Cannibalism is so taboo, it sends shivers down our spines just to hear of it mentioned. Thus our love affair with Hannibal Lector, the creation of Thomas Harris, who based him, so it is believed, on William Coyne, a spree killer who engaged in cannibalism. (I say believed, because Harris is saying.)

As actor Anthony Hopkins says of his character, "I've always thought he's a very elegant man, a renaissance man."* Hannibal, cultured, suave, highly-intelligent, forces us to confront the fact that evil lurks where we least expect it. However, even reading Harris's last book, Hannibal Rising, and learning the reasons why Lector behaved as he did, does not take away the awesome power of that taboo.

Cultures in New Guinea are forbidden now to practice their rite of cannibalism. Many feel that this is where Micheal Rockefeller was believed to have fallen into the hands of headhunters. No one will ever know. He disappeared without a trace.

I have often thought we are wrong to go into a culture, however different from our own, and tell them what they should or should not do. The practice of Cannibalism within the Asmat culture is to absorb the spirit of the enemy. Does it make me squeamish? Yes. But do we have the right to dictate how they should live? I don't think so. If you don't want to be eaten, stay out, or bring nice gifts.

Now, before people start calling me the purple people eater, remember, I am just advocating the idea that untouched societies should remain as such, untouched by outside influence. Why must every society be westernized? Does anyone else see the correlation of this belief into what is going on today? Damned if I don't see it.

So another Monday comes and goes.
And the news gets worse and worse.
One bright spot....Obama is kicking Hillary's ass!!!!
Yee-haw! (Hillary, with her get the hell out of Arkansas ass, would love that, now wouldn't she?)
Methinks not.


dawn said...

Girl, I am always fascinated by yoour thoughts, I guess I will always bring a nice gift. HEE HEE!! I haven't heard about the texas case yet. Oh but I still hate Mondays!!!!

alphonsedamoose said...

The feisty Deb is back.
What kind of gift do you think we should bring. As Hannibal would say" maybe a nice chianti"

alphonsedamoose said...

BTW: I hope Hilary gets her ass kicked in New Hampshire too.

SpongyBones said...

I love your open mind! Wish there were more people like you in this world!

Babzy said...

Your post gave me the shivers. I didn't know that about Marvin Gaye.

Re: Hillary and Obama (I always want to call him Osama - yikes)
Do you think Obama will become president? That would be a huge step for North American politics. We've never had a person of colour become Prime Minister of Canada but did have a woman for a very short time.

Are you feeling a little better? xx

just me said...

Dawn, good to see you "out and about"...

Moose, bring a bottle of black-label Jack Daniels. I fear we'll need it...for ourselves!

Spongy, thank you. I love to be called open minded instead of scatter brained..

Babzy, Hillary cried hoo...I would love to see a black president, but also would love to see a president who knows the system, and has a proven track record, well, I guess, somone like Ron Paul!! If Colin Powell ran, he would win hands contest. I just want Obama to be careful. We have our own crazies running around.

eric1313 said...

Right on. It's not for me, but if tribes in the middle of nowhere practice cannibalism as part of their religion, should we--people of a society that is based a lot upon freedom of religion--be going into jungles to tell some mostly naked people not to eat a powerful enemy chief?

Better yet, are they going to listen?

Mary said...

I just read an article in the Jan. issue of Vanity Fair about the South Pacific Island from Mutiny on the Bounty. A society the practiced generations of rape and child molestation. Some said it was a way of life to break your girls in at 12 but I have to think that based on the testimony of the girls if they weren't enjoying it (and they weren't) then it's good to step in and stop it. I have to think that the people who were the victims of cannibals weren't enjoying it much either. Just saying.

just me said...

Mary, I hear ya...the area I am talking about is in New Guinea, and the cannibalism was practiced as part of warfare with other tribes. From what I've read, the Asmat practiced polygamy, wife-swapping on occasion, and were hunter-gathers. They lived in huts elevated off the ground, and are world reknowned for their wood carvings, very intricate in nature.

They revered their elders and ancestors, and it is believed that a large portion of the tribe at one time was wiped out, due to disease they ingested through their practice of cannibalism.

Now, they are being educated through out the world, and will soon be as western as you and I. I just deplore the blatant disregard for another culture. Most often, it is the missionaries who make the first step. All we really need look at is the American Indian to see how devastating it is.

Nope, can't say I want to be a victim either.

Woozie said...

We should bring them a 3 pound chocolate bar. Everyone loves chocolate.

SJ said...

If I consider myself divine then I am not cannibalistic when eating humans right?

Mary said...

It definitely irritates me when missionaries go in and force their religions on people. You are right. So disrespectful of others cultures.

I have always said the Bury my Heart At Wounded Knee should be mandatory reading. And everyone should have a look at their practice of spirituality.

Queenie said...

When I was working it was thank goodness its Friday, now I don't work, like you each day seems pretty much the same. Since my other half stopped doing shift work, I guess I look forward to the weekends, cos I'm not on my own, therefore Monday brings along the cloud he has to go back to work. So "no" I don't like Mondays, but should be thankful with all the unemployment around here, that he has a job. Strange don't you think that each day delivers its own ups and its downs?

Watching your elections over there with interest, not completely clued up on it all, yet its seems to me one politician is much the same as the other, do yours deliver their promiser's when toting for votes, if they get the chance to be elected?

BBC said...

One day has always been like another to me. Never hated one over the other. I've had a few jobs that I worked through the week-ends and got days off during the week.

I thought that was sort of cool because I could do my banking and such. Shucks, the way this world is any day can drive me to drink.

And I've had jobs that were pretty much 24/7 when I was long haul trucking.

You know by now that Hillary came back in New Hampshire, what is the world coming to? Never mind, I already know.

Tanya said...

I read about that guy in texas I have to say it seriously freaked me out. Seriously who needs scary movies, real life is much more scary.