Jan 30, 2008

Horoscopes and other strangeness....

"January 30, 2008

If you come across someone a little strange today, try and get to know them, because that person could be the reflection of yourself. That person will help you to see how modern and innovative you are, and how much you should actually appreciate your very wonderful qualities. Meeting this person could be a kind of exercise in self-satisfaction."

A little strange, huh? A reflection of myself? What the hell does that mean? Even my horoscope is telling me I am a nut job. What's up with that?

My tarot reading was even worse. It stated I should not get involved in the tension floating around in my personal environment. So, I'm thinking, now, what tension? I know my guests are hungry. They have this thing about food: they like it. And lots of it. I need a bigger refrigerator. And a freezer. Lord, if I knew this would happen, I would have thought twice. Nah, not really. I'm a big ole easy pushover for people in need. I can't help it, and don't know if I really want to.

J and T are doing fine. They have kept me in good company while EJ is away. I talk to EJ on the phone, but its not the same as seeing his dear face everyday. He will be home by the end of March, so he says . I miss him. He is one of the few people, if not the only one, who really understands my off-the-wall sense of humor.

I start a new job tomorrow, so wish me luck. The other job was ok, but not enough hours, so I got another one. There are jobs out there if you look, and lower your standards, just a tad, money-wise. It helps to look at it from the perspective that whatever you make an hour is better than 0 an hour. That's just the facts. And more companies, especially chain stores, seem to be promoting from within. Maybe they are tired of training new employees, I don't know, but they are offering a lot of incentives that may make up for the lower pay up front.

I'm not quite sure what Bush's plan for boosting the economy is about. I've heard many rumors, but it still seems like a short term plan for a long term problem. If somebody out there knows more about it, please leave a comment. I am curious.



Queenie said...

Good-luck with your job, I do hope you enjoy it and get the hours you want. I had a chap visit me last week to see if I was interested in doing some work training people in similar circumstances to myself, mainly about personal safety. Its surprising how vulnerable I feel in the wheelchair or on my sticks, so I have had to make some changers to how I carry stuff about with me when I'm out. I have agreed to write some stuff, but will wait till after my operation to do the training. I'm really looking forward to it. No pay its voluntary, but I get transport and it will get me out of the house. Must ask do you believe Horoscopes??????

dawn said...

If we weren't strange what would we be? much love

BBC said...

I don't do horoscopes and crap like that, it's all a crock.

Why should I think a bunch of monkeys with word processors can predict my future when I can't?

What happens today and tomorrow happens and I don't have a lot of control over that.

Not that I don't believe in some magical things, just that I don't know what they are going to be anymore than the next person.

I just take them the way they come at me. I've never read a horoscope that said I was going die today, but I know that I will someday.

They are just too frigging optimistic and I know that is nonsense.

I will live what is today, and if I'm here tomorrow I will live what is tomorrow.

If I'm not, so what?

But yes, I have to agree, if you follow horoscopes and tarot cards and such things as that I have to agree that you are a nut job.

But I have no real problem with that as long as you are a harmless nut job.

just me said...

Queenie, no, I don't necessarily believe in horoscopes. This is just another example of the warped sense of humor of just me. However, on occasion, they have been right on the money. Coincidence? Probably, but who knows for sure?

Dawn, I believe it is our idiosyncrasies that make us so special, our very strangeness, if you will. I agree, strange is good.

BBC, I was amazed at your show of support and understanding. It damn near sent me into tears.

Optimism, for whatever reason, is what has kept me alive so far, at any rate. Sometimes I think its all a crock of shit myself, but I force myself to look at the bright side, cause, trust me, at any given moment, things can get totally wrong...I guess I look at tarot and astrology as parlor games, more for entertainment than anything else, but when they are accurate, it is eerie.

Babzy said...

Any of the mystic arts are tools designed to help you sort things out for yourself. We already have all the answers. We already know what is best for us. But it gets stuck in there and hidden behind daily events and traumatic events.

The Tarot especially does not tell you what's going to happen or what to do about it. The Tarot spread is a mirror of your own reflection. It's a meditative tool, a focusing tool, a revealing tool. It displays your path through this world, a path you created. It's not magic.

alphonsedamoose said...

I don't put much stock in horoscopes or tarot cards. But then again, I'm a little(lots) nuts.

BRUNO said...

Hell, I do good to play Blackjack by the rules, so don't EVEN turn me loose on Tarot cards! Not that I could understand 'em, to start with. It's impossible for anyone to read my mind---too damned thick-headed and DULL...!

SJ said...

I see horoscopes are getting more accurate ;)

No I don't know what Bush's plans are possibly Save The Billionaires Before They Become Millionaires.

BBC said...

My horoscope this morning said that we are going to have some great sex.

Na, I'm pretty sure that isn't going to happen.

just me said...

Bruno: I don't think you can cheat at Tarot, but I'll experiment and let you know...

Moose: No, you're not nuts, you just dance to your own tune, as I do, which is why everyone stares at me when I go anywhere. HA!

SJ: It is kinda strange that the rich are getting richer in todays economy.

Babzy: Yes, what you said.

BBC: I don't know, where do you live? HA!