Jan 28, 2008

How vulnerable are you to stress? - Stressed Out-

How vulnerable are you to stress? - Stressed Out-

I took this little masterpiece of a test and found out I am somewhat vulnerable to stress. Ladies and Gentlemen, please!! We are all somewhat vulnerable to stress. That's what sparks the flight or fight mechanism that has been tormenting us for years. Some are more apt to be stressed than others, yes, this is true. But stress affects us all to some degree, and it wouldn't surprise me if your economic circumstances had a huge role to play.

SCOFF Eating Disorders Test

I also took this one, and yes, I am at risk for an eating disorder and I wasn't truthful, well, completely truthful, on this one. I know I have an eating disorder. It comes from chewing and swallowing vast quantities of something called food. Alas, I really do have an eating disorder, bulimia. Have had it for years, but it has more to do with control, than food. I could control people or work, but my habit of choice is food. Once you get one of these suckers, it is almost impossible to shake. It creeps into your life along with stress. A variety of medications are out there to help, as well as therapy. I myself have not found therapy that good for eating disorders. And with not too much effort an eating disorder can take over your life. I often see a correlation between eating disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Are you a Competitive Stresser?

Now this was a new one on me, as I take all these tests whenever I find them. We won't go into what that says, we ain't got all day, but I can understand the reasoning behind it. You've met them, the ones that no matter how rough you've been having it, they have been having a much, much rougher time? No matter what horrible disease you are battling, they have battled one that was worse? Don't you want to slap the shit out of them sometimes?

Well, I am not competitive in my stress. You have your stress and I have mine. I, for better or worse, tend to make a joke of mine. Also not so good in dealing with stress, is, of course, ignoring it, or trying to.

So, stressed out people of the world, reply with what is stressing you out. Reply anonymously if you choose. Fine by me. Rant a little, but not about me, Ok? I got enough stress right now to choke a medium sized horse.


alphonsedamoose said...

Great post Deb. One test said I was not prone to stress, the other said I was stressed out.
However, I don't have an eating disorder.
Take care of yourself

Queenie said...

Didn't do them, don't want to know it would only stress me out!!!!!!
I have a mother-in law (love her as I do), who is a competitive stresser,whilst I was having tests for cancer, she asked me to take her to the docs with a mole on her back she was worried about. Once the doctor had squeezed the blackhead out, she made a quick recovery. There are so many stories I could tell you about her health, but it makes me feel a little unkind, which will cause me stress. I have high blood pressure, maybe that means I am vulnerable to stress. I don't have an eating disorder apart from loving food full stop, the only problem is that now my mobility is limited I have gained a mass of weight, which yes you guessed it gives me stress. So what do you think, am I vulnerable to stress? Move over and let me have some of that horse whilst you decide!!!!

just me said...

Moose, glad you are not stressed.

Queenie, I have special ordered a queen size horse for you. I thought it would be fitting. Sounds like you need time away from your Mum-in-law, perhaps. Mine used to drive me bananas, but I loved her anyhoo.....

Anonymous said...

I have found over the years that hiding emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, gives others the impression that you are A-okay so they add more and ask for more and demand more. It's a fine line between revealing too much and revealing not enough. I have reached a stage where it's better for me to tell all and let the chips fall. It's less stressful than pretending to always be strong and cheery and invincible while my brain and insides are being shredded.

Anonymous said...

i want more cats on this website, please. Grrrrreat distress is imminent

jackie said...

if I have stress I'm like Scarlett O'Hara, I'll think about it tomorrow...other peoples problems stress me out more than my own stress.

just me said...

Jackie, I can relate...people seem to see me as a dumping ground for their stress and problems. And, as I am a "fixer", it drives me nuts that I can't fix their problems. So this causes me stress. I am learning to let it all slide off my shoulders. As for Scarlett, well, it worked for her...