Aug 4, 2007

So, where the heck have I been? I'm not too sure myself. My neighbors have been having problems, and somehow we seem to be the helpers of choice. Glad to be able to do it, though, and I mean that. I have myself been in situations where I have stopped and asked myself, "Hey, where the heck did everybody go? Damn, they were here just a minute ago. I seen em with my own eyes!!" So, it's nice to be there for somebody. And, as I've probably said so before, my son has been bringing home strays since he was knee high to a, yep, you guessed it...grasshopper.

I keep feeling like I should write something about Michael Vick. I really don't know if the guy is guilty or not. I live not too far from where the scene of the crime took place. Evidently, "Ookie" or as Vick is known by his partners in crime, "Q", "T", and "P-Funk", his co-defendants, (you can find the whole indictment for download at, started a venture called, "Bad Newz Kennels" for the purpose of buying, selling, training, transporting, staging, and sponsoring dog fights. In other words, they were raising dogs for gambling purposes. Buying and selling dogs and training them to fight on the illegal dog fighting circuit. Which also means they transported said dogs from state to state.

If the dogs did not perform well, they were put to death in extremely inhumane and cruel ways. Which is odd as a vet had been retained to treat dogs who were injured. Anyway, the whole thing sucks, and the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

To understand Surry, you have to understand that every body's cousin is every body else's cousin. And my cousin's cousin's good friend wants to know if he can....blah, blah, blah. We will never know the extent, if any, of the involvement of Michael Vick in this enterprise. If a federal attorney offers just one of these guys a plea agreement, then I imagine he may very well implicate his own mother. "Yep, she was there, I told her, I said, Mama, go home...this ain't no place for you...but she wouldn't listen, what could I do? Damn, Mama, why did you do it? Oh, lord, my own mama!!

This is a federal case, meaning its the United States vs. Michael Vick and company. At the end of the indictment it says that if they are convicted they will be made to forfeit property, proceeds, or assets "obtained directly or indirectly as a result of such violation".

I know of a young man who was doing some private contracting for Mr. Vick, I'd say for a good while now, and he has never once mentioned dogs. He has mentioned that he will not be getting paid.

This supposedly went on from 2001 until 2007. Just how much evidence did they need to collect?

Why wouldn't he just invest in a race horse? This is horse country around here. If you have money, chances are you have a horse, worth big bucks.

And why in the world would an NFL quarterback jeopardize his career, everything he has worked for, to enter the underworld arena of illegal dogfighting? If he wanted to gamble, hell, there's a Texas Hold'em game going on somewhere around here all the time. No limit.

"So hot today, I was sweating like a poodle at Michael Vick’s place." David Letterman.


Babzy said...

Hello Deb. I saw this on our news and all I can say is BASTARDS!

Hey, I noticed something on your profile that wasn't there before. You used to be 226 years old. ha

I am back from my vacation. I have many things to write about and will start tomorrow. I'm on my way over to my Mom's condo building where we are going up to the roof to watch fireworks. Have a good sleep. See ya tomorrow.

just me said...

Well, I'm glad you stopped by. I guess you didn't run off with that man from Louisianna after all.
How old am I now?

Scott from Oregon said...

the whole thing stinks...

I can smell it in Oregon

Babzy said...

How old do you feel?

Babzy said...

Okay Smart Apple... That wasn't there before.

If you are 227 then that makes me 233.

Babzy said...

Did you just have your birthday? Did I miss it? Mine is New Years Eve.

SJ said...

Whoever was guilty what a disgusting thing to do.

just me said...

You know, Babzy, I don't feel a day over 200. And, some days, I feel like I'm 52. Hard to explain. So were there real fireworks, or were you just watching the neighbors, like I do? HA!

just me said...

Oh, I think whoever is guilty ought to be locked in cages, forced to breed, and taken from state to state to fight, and whoever doesn't win, gets tasered over and over. That would be justice. Of course, being chained to a stake, and fed raw meat mixed with gunpowder would also be a nice touch. The people who participate in this shit are psychopaths. Pure and simple. And the nicknames, around here, everyone has a "street name". Even I do, I guess. I'm Miss EJ. (EJ's mom).

just me said...

Scott, the thing about all of this that gets me, is that if something like this was going on, everyone in Surry and Smithfield would have known, and run their mouths about it. And along with the dog fights, there would have been your dealers and such, peddling their wares. It just goes hand-in-hand. I keep wondering if Michael Vick was not quite so black, (oh god, will they come after me for this!) had he been lighter skinned, maybe? I just get the feeling there is a lot more going on here than we know about.

Catmoves said...

To answer Just Me's question about color, I'd have to say, no, his color is not the problem. We've had blacker football players here who have been adored by white fans (me included). They were men who had earned the respect of the fans, both of those who barracked for the team they played on and those who chose other teams to make their favorites. It's not a racial thing at all, Just Me. It's a vile thing that needs to be stopped.

just me said...

But that's just it Catmoves. Here in the great state of Virginia, in certain parts there is the plantation mentality still at work. I talked with a school teacher from Surry the other day, and her comment was that yes, Micheal Vick probably was led astray by his cousin, one Tony Taylor, or "T", but whether he was actually involved, she doesn't know. But, it was his property and he is ultimately responsible.

In Surry County, which has a wonderful school system, and is predominately black, a lot of the well-to-do white families in the area send their snow white children to private school, an inferior school, I might add, so as to keep them away from "harmful" influences. Here they miss out on a great many atheletic and other activities. And let's face it. The world is culturally diverse. This practice makes me sick.

And I'll say this, and people will disagree, but if they were hosting chicken fights, which is a big racket up and down the east coast and in Mexico, for gambling purposes, and the feds found heaps of dead chickens, people would have been shocked, but not nearly as upset. Who gives a rats ass about a dead chicken?

On this page:

you will find links to download pdf files related to Micael Vick's indictment, Tony Taylor's plea agreement, and Tony Taylor's statement of fact. Just if your curious. I of course, uphold your right to your opinion.