Aug 5, 2007

how hot it was
the night we couldn't sleep
I opened the window
in my bedroom
and the breeze
the fresh, cool breeze
came rushing through.

So cool it felt,
And, I got you, and you,
out of your tiny beds,
and, you being the oldest,
I laid you down first,
and, you being the youngest,
I kept in the middle,
and I laid down, at the end,
so you wouldn't slip away.
crossways, we were
on the bed,
And the cooling breeze washed over us,
as the curtain blew in,
over and over.

I watched the stars,
And I watched you, and I watched you,
just so happy to see you breathe.
such contentment,
can only be felt once,
I think.
Why wasn't that night
much, much longer?

The cool summer breeze,
my sleeping babies,
and me.


Babzy said...

Exquisite and lovely.

SJ said...

Beautiful, sad, and to the point.

just me said...

When my boys were small, my husband left me for a while, and our air-conditioner broke in the trailer where we lived. He was in the navy. We had a king size bed, and I just grabbed up my babies, put them in bed with me, opened the window, and let the breeze keep us warm. It was in late August, and not two long after, fall set in, and the weather cooled off. I got a job, a babysitter, a crush, and my husband decided to come home. But, I will never forget that beautiful night. It is one of my most precious moments.

Mary said...

Simplicity. I have a similiar memory of me and Taylor and Michael. I was never so poor. But I cherish the memory of us getting in this double bed after a long day of work and running to get the kids from daycare, putting a dollars worth of gas in the car, getting to our shit apartment, taking baths, fixing dinner and all three of us getting in that bed together. Not wanting to be apart and watching LA Law. Just happy to be together in our crappy little place at the end of a long day. Your poem was beautiful. Wish I could do that.