Aug 9, 2007

Illegal immigration--read this

Do yourself a giant favor and read this:

Holly's Hystrionics: An Illegal Immigration Rant

And then read this:

It really opened my eyes about the illegal alien situation and its ramifications in this country. Here in Virginia it is not uncommon for workers from across the border to say how they can work here for a few years at minumum wage, return home, and not work for three or four years. Certain commodities that are extremely expensive 'back home' can be purchased here, sent 'home' and resold for a nice profit.

But these two bloggers do a much better job than I do at explaining this situation, and both deal with it on a much more personal level.


SJ said...

Actually both the links are the same. That France can do it page isn't linked correctly I think. :)

just me said...

Thanks, SJ. I fixed it, I do believe. I am not that techno-savvy. You handsome devil.

Anne said...

I urge you to double-check the "facts" in that first post with a reputable source. In CA, an illegal immigrant can only get limited emergency medical care, no food stamps or welfare cash. Also, if they're illegal they have no authorization to work, hence no unemployment benefits. The figures are misleading or outright lies. And what does it matter how many Spanish radio/tv stations there are? There are also some in Korean, Arabic etc. What does that prove?
Don't give in to fear-driven propaganda. What misleading or untrue propaganda did they make up about your ancestors? Think about it.

Anne said...

BTW, I believe the jail figures may be skewed too. They lead you to believe that all those illegal immigrants are in jail because they robbed somebody or whatever, but what if the vast majority are in jail simply for being in this country, with no other crimes committed?

...And SJ is a handsome devil, isn't he? ;)

SJ said...

I found it pretty weird is that the word ILLEGAL was capitalized all over. It doesn't do anything to show the author as rational. Agree with Anne that the statistics look iffy.

Agree with Anne and you that I am an handsome devil :)

alphonsedamoose said...

Both were great blogs

just me said...

They are great blogs, and as one is from New Mexico and one from Texas, this is a topic that truly affects them on a daily basis. You also have to consider I think the jobs that illegals take in this country, which is usually the jobs that the rest of us are unwilling to take. Low pay, long hours, manual labor.

I just don't know where you would get accurate information. In this area, for example, if you go to any jail system, the population will be probably 70% black. Does that mean there are more black criminals? No. I just think a black person is more likely to be stopped on a routine basis. Meaning a white driver and a black driver are both driving without a license. The black driver will be stopped before the white driver because of profiling. In this particular area an American Indian could be driving without a license, stark naked, in a convertible, and waving a whiskey bottle over his head, and a cop will pull him over to say his grandfather was part Cherokee, and send him on his way. In other parts of the country, he may never see daylight again. That's an exaggeration, of course, but you get my drift. Around these parts, we love our American Indian heritage.

just me said...

SJ, your modesty becomes you.

Catmoves said...

I cannot speak for Holly's blog (the typography she uses is not not designed to show a calm reasoned approach to the issue), but I don't feel the need to shout and wring my hands all the time.
Not trying to be a hard case, nor insulting, but Anne seems to be an educated liberal who may never have faced what the American poor are staring at right now.
This silent invasion is not the Irish coming here to grow potatoes (giggle), nor the Germans bringing us sausage and beer, nor the Italians showing us how to use pasta and pizza. Those groups came here legally, with controlled numbers (for the most part), not by the millions, not demanding the American Government (definition: you and me) support them and treat them as if they were desired inhabitants who really understand what Democracy is all about. Those other migrants learned willingly what these illegal aliens show no desire to comprehend. Enough. Love ya justme.

Catmoves said...

Anne, I've been to your enjoyable blog a few times now. Keep up the good work. As for illegals garnering all the goodies, there must be places where false ID cards, Social numbers, all the "proof" of being a citizen can be bought for a price. Having spent some time in San Diego, I can show you what the Border Patrol showed me: 9 shops dealing in false identification. They may be closed by now, but they were not the only places supplying it. Apparently, just like NM laws, Cal laws are meant to be broken.

just me said...

Well, actually, the Irish didn't come here to grow tatties, not to be confused with titties, they came here because they were starving to death in their native Ireland, as their primary food source, the potato, was rotting in the fields. They came to find a better life, and many settled in New York, and others moved farther south, looking for work, any kind of work, as a means to survive. And that is the keyword here, survival.

Also, in order to get false credentials in this country, I would imagine you would have to have, 1. a sponsor who is willing to pay the bucks necessary to do so, or 2. have cash in hand to obtain such documents. I don't believe they come cheap. Just my take. I think we would all be surprised at how many illegals are here to perform cheap labor at invitation, on the down-low, of course, but never the less, invitation. If a company can get a worker to do a job for less than minimum wage, no benefits, no workmen's comp, no nothing, but long hours, and low, low pay, might they not jump at the chance?

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh goshpa, we're all people, aren't we? By luck of birth, I am protected and cared for from cradle to grave by my government. If I were not as lucky, I'd do anything I needed to to give my children a fighting chance of having a better life.. fear leads to predujuce leads to war, doesn't it? (Ah, not that I know anything, anyway!)