Jul 4, 2007

Its the fourth of July,
Independence Day
For all us here
In the USA

A time for food
Picnics and Beer
A time we all
Give a mighty Cheer

We love those fireworks
That light up the sky
Young and old
We give a cry

As each one blossums
Then fades away
We can't get enough
Of our special day

But where is Joe,
and Tom, and Bill,
And Bob, and Melissa,
And Frank, and Jill?

Oh, that's right
They're in Iraq
And, sadly, some of them
Won't come back.

Wonder what they'll do tonight
Their fireworks are real!
Not a pretty sight.
How do they feel?

Will they get a letter,
A package from home?
Will the unthinkable happen
Will they get to come home?

We all hate the war
Or it seems we all do
But the brave men and women
Who serve me and you

Who lay down their lives
Because we told them too.
Yes, let's bring them home,
But honor them well.
Their bravery, courage,
In their fourth of July hell.


dawn said...

All I can say Deb is "Powerful"

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

With you, and with us, the slaughter continues. Debbi's post says it all. x

Mary said...

You said it!

Thorne said...

Wow. Just... wow.