Jul 14, 2007


July 14, 2007
Tarot reading for D****:

Love: The Tower

Touchstone: The Chariot

Career: Temperance

Pangs of jealousy, conflicts of interest, exaggerated words - you're in danger of living on your nerves today and of having some serious rows with your loved ones. The Chariot's impulsiveness is taking you into the dangerous territory of provocation, while the Tower, which represents you, is suggesting some serious disagreements, dear D****. Go sleep in the guest room! As far as your professional life is concerned, your main characteristics today are ambition and patience, greatly enhancing your chances of making progress in your career. Temperance and the Chariot signify that you will be able to seize any opportunities that present themselves and to take the correct decision about either accepting or refusing, always with good reason. Clearly, you cannot go wrong, and your business or professional projects are bound to be successful.

Ok, sounds like I should just crawl under my bed and stay there the rest of the day and not come out for man nor beast. But, in light of the past few days, it does seem somewhat accurate doesn't it. I had a whole reading done one time, and it was pretty accurate, in its way.

I had my handwriting analyzed one time and it was right on the money. It revealed things that I didn't even admit to anyone. Does this make me a non-Christian, a heathen? I don't think so. There are so many ways to self-discovery. And, it is my belief that God reads your hearts, your intentions, and knows what you are going to say before you even say it.

I think we put restrictions on God. We believe that every bad thing that happens should be laid at his feet. But, then, that is where free will comes in. We can choose what direction we take in life.

Have you ever had a choice to make and deep, deep down you knew which choice would be the best for you, but you made the other choice just because it was want you wanted to do at that time, it was something you desired above all things? And in the end, it proved to be the wrong choice, and ultimately, and after traveling many detours, and making a hundred u-turns, you ended up where the best choice would have taken you? I call this the scenic route. I have taken many a scenic route, have found myself right where I would have been had I chosen the to go where that still quiet voice inside me was urging me to go to begin with. I wonder sometimes how much easier my life would have been if I had just listened to that voice inside, instead of stomping my foot and saying, No, this is what I want to do.

You can call it God, intuition, predestination, fate, or whatever. I just know this is how it has been for me.


Thorne said...

Maybe you're a Christian Mystic(Wiki) or Christian Mystic(Org) ?? But then, what do I know... LOL I'm a Godfull heathen!!

alphonsedamoose said...

I think that as long as you end up on he right path, sometimes the scenic route makes us appreciate the the right choice that much more.

just me said...

No, Thorne, I do not see you as a God awful heathen at all.

just me said...

Alphonsedemoose, I think perhaps you may be right. I have learned so many things during my scenic travels, and met so many different people that I probably would not have met otherwise. It has, if nothing, given me a greater ability to accept those who are different than me. I guess I just have to work on the Butt girl. HA!

singleton said...

I've decided to start "stomping my foot and saying, No, this is what I want to do"....
I hope it's scenic!

eric313 said...

You said it; God listen closest to the unspoken prayers of the heart. Glad to catch back up with you! The link didn't take, before or something!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

My old gran had a great way of summing things up, "What's for you, won't go past you."

Enemy of the Republic said...

Cool, cool! I do Tarot readings. Seriously.

skinnylittleblonde said...

I wonder sometimes how much easier my life would have been if I had just listened to that voice inside, instead of stomping my foot and saying, No, this is what I want to do.
Lol....more times than I can count or even guess! That little voice inside our heads, i have found is rarely wrong...however i rarely recognize how right it is unless I turn the other way, stomping my foot and ultimately lead myself down a road of reflection. I think Alphonse has quite possibly nailed it!

So, would you been interested in doing a reading for others? Lol, I have Tarots and haven't done a reading in years...but ironocally enough, I found myself contemplating doing one just last night. Hahaha, the little voice in my head is talking to itself!

SJ said...

Ah the road not taken or wrongly taken dilemma. Yes we all at times have to take the senic route - love that term.

Gardener Greg said...

I think I need a reading for guidence. Can you help me out?