Oct 16, 2007

This and that

Look before you leap today, dear Aquarius. There is a very good chance of falling if you are not careful. Errors can easily be avoided by simply taking the time to think things through carefully before you act. Also, though you are great about starting projects, you're not so great when it comes to finishing them. Today would be an excellent time to practice your follow-through. PeoplePC

This is my horoscope for today. No wonder I haven't been posting. I even have my horoscope bitching at me. And, I haven't been doing much leaping anyway, hell, I haven't even starting packing yet!

While browsing through some blogs that I read, I happened upon Babzy's. I learned that certain bacteria in my digestive system could be craving chocolate. Now, after consuming chocolate yesterday, I am consumed with nausea. It could be a bug, or it could be a somatic response to the new information. Which ever it is, I am glad, because being a diabetic, or borderline diabetic, depending on which scale you choose, I do not need to eat chocolate. Or sugar. Actually, there are two schools of thought about what constitutes having diabetes.

There is one theory that any blood sugar reading above 109, should be investigated further with tests, and treated as being diabetic. Then there is the old standard of 124. What actually happens in a lot of cases is that as your body loses the ability to use insulin, you will find you're blood sugar levels may run lower than normal, as the pancreas goes into overdrive, trying to compensate. I have gone to work, and worked 8 hours, with a blood glucose of 55. I had the RN check it on a whim. I felt OK, just jittery. She looked at me, like, Damnnnnnn.....!!! She told me to drink some juice, so I settled for a Dr. Pepper.

Probably the best doctor to see for a reliable diagnosis would be an endocrinologist. The guy who loves to check out your glands. And hormones. If I had saw one back in 1996, he would have told me I had polycystic ovarian disease, and, perhaps, endometriosis. And who knows how long I had that? I only found out when they yanked everything out. Which is what it felt like afterward. Like it was yanked out, instead of surgically removed.

In addition to regular blood sugar tests you do yourself at home, you should also have an A1C or glycated hemoglobin test at least twice a year. It measures the average blood glucose for about four months.

Yesterday, a friend sent me a forward that detailed all the toxic effects on your body from consuming large quantities of aspartame, the artificial sweetener in diet Coke and diet Pepsi. Since I consume large quantities of both of these beverages, depending on which one's on sale, I was a little worried. The symptoms listed were often mistaken for those who are diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Lupus. Also, it seems that if it does cause arthritis in the body, the effects are irreversible. This place, The Aspartame Information Center, loves the stuff. They list some very important sources, too, like the AMA, and the FDA, which would lead one to believe it is safe for everyone to use.

This place, Sweet Poison, hates the stuff. Authored by Janet Star Hull, it is pretty much a everything-that's-bad-about-aspartame website. She even has steps to "detoxify" your body. One thing that is scary, is that this lady claims one of the metabolites of aspartame's main ingredients, phenylalanine, is formaldehyde. Which pretty much means by the time I die, I will be "pre-embalmed".

If I continue to consume mass quantities of this stuff, that is! They also rave about the substitution of Stevia as a sweetener. Look, I bought some stevia, and you want to talk about after taste? Nasty...

Doing a random check at Snopes they pretty much called it a hoax. But then where do they get their information? (Where do they get their information?) They checked with the FDA, and quoted a visiting scientist from MIT. But what kind of scientist was he? And we all know the FDA is infallible. It's a government agency, for Christ's sake.

Still, one must take this with a grain of salt. It came in an email. It was scary. According to the symptoms, I or just about anyone I know, could be suffering from Aspartame poisoning.

When I worked at the hospital, however, we queried one of the neurologists one night, when he came in to check on a patient. Should we be drinking this stuff? He shook his head no. Now, him, I trust. That was five years ago, and I'm still drinking it. I do notice however that when I was drinking regular sodas, I didn't have as many aches and pains, and I was a lot thinner. What's up with that?


dawn said...

Okay girl you are working overtime you got all this from Babzy Chocolate post.Hehe. Listen I have tried the aspartame in drinks and I swear it gave me headaches so I don't eat anything with it. Hope all is well with you, where are you going that you need to pack?

alphonsedamoose said...

Welcome back Deb. I missed your wit and wisdom. I, too, am a Aquarius.
I heard about 5-6 years ago that aspartame is not good for you. I try not to drink it if i can help it.

Scott from Oregon said...

I've seen guys on jobsites get addicted to Diet Pepsi or COke. They go through a twelve pack and then go home and drink more.

I am thankful I hate the flavor.

Nasty stuff IMHO.

Mary said...

I am aquarius too. Flexibility is the rule today. Whatever.

I drink the stuff too. They say bad things about Stevia too. Who knows what is what and who is who.

just me said...

Dawn, I am moving to a new home but its just down the street.

Moose, Mary, welcome fellow aquarians. I knew you guys were special.

Scott, the only drink, besides beer, that my oldest son drinks is diet coke. I think you do get addicted to it. "Hello, my name is Deb, and I'm addicted to Diet Coke."

Babzy said...

Deb I liked your astrology poster (Bad Aquarius) so much I went on the internet to find mine. I ended up at All Posters. They have a good poster and a bad poster for every astrology sign except NO GOOD POSTER FOR AQUARIUS! It's the only one missing. I'm not kidding. Go look for yourself. There is no good Aquarius. HAHAHAHAHAHA

just me said...

Babzy, did I tell you how much I liked your new pink background for your blog? It just sparkles.

They don't need a good poster for Aquarius because everyone knows that Aquarius is the best sign in the Zodiac, so making a good poster would be redundant.

And, I'm made of rubber so whatever you say bounces off me and hits you...lolol...

SpongyBones said...

I drank out of a public water fountian yesterday. Then I watched a kids wash his hands in it touching the mouth of it and all ... ewwwwwwww I'm a scorpio though so I live for danger ranger bacterias!

Babzy said...

Rubber Woman, guess what? I found Good Aquarius on another site. I will post it then you can copy for yourself.

*Goddess* said...

I think it's interesting that the FDA has approved NutraSweet, Equal, Splenda, and the like--all chemicals--but recently said Stevia was no good for you, yet it's from an all natural herb.

Have you tried the Stevia in the green packets? The liquid doesn't jive with me, but the packets are great. It doesn't leave any aftertaste for me, and I use it in brewed iced tea, hot tea, even on cereal.

Lin said...

It's so hard to sort out all the conflicting info, isn't it? But it's funny how Stevia (which can't really be patented for big profit but is giving the patentable stuff a run for its money) is suddenly under attack by the (might be influenced) gov't bureaucracies.
Since you are east of the Mississippi, check out
and try their stevia (at reasonable prices for 1 pound cut leaf amounts - while still legal). I've bought tons of stuff from them over the years and their quality is pretty consistent. Natural isn't always automatically good (i.e. hemlock) but people have been using Stevia for hundreds of years - unlike these new chemical substitutes.

And I wanted to thank you for leaving me my best laugh of the day. I sure needed that, too. I think we must have signed up for the same match-making service back in the past.

just me said...

Spongy, I should a known you was a Scorpio, the sex-pots of the zodiac. That might be a compliment. But, you need to watch out for those bacteria. MRSA, methicillan resistant Staphlococus Aurelias, is becoming much more wide-spread out of the hospital setting.

just me said...

I just remembered, if I'm rubber, then you have to be glue, that's why everything sticks to you. HA!
You mean there really are good things about Aquarius? I always thought we were the crack-pots of the Zodiac. I'm surprised you're not an Aquarian. HA!

just me said...

Goddess: In todays world, if it tastes good, its bad for you. If it tastes like shit, by all means, eat it in mass quantities daily.

Lin: I will check out that sight. I got some from a vitamin place, and it sucks.

My mother-in-law and the lizard, true story. She had another habit of opening some of her homemade jelly, scraping the fungus off the top, and then serving the rest at dinner. I'm not a big jelly eater.

Babzy said...

Every type of stevia has a different flavour Some have aftertastes and some don't. But who wants to spend all that time and money experimenting?

My opinion for what it's worth ...
1. Don't drink pop of any kind, diet or regular. Switch to juice or water or beer or wine.
2. Also if you need sugar in something use real sugar but keep cutting down until you lose the taste for it. Miraculously that seems to be happening to me.
3. I think we both know who the crack pot is and it isn't me. I am hard-working, thoughtful, and simply irresistable.

just me said...

Good advice, Babzy. I agree, you are hard-working and thoughtful. What was that other one? irri-something...that, too.

Yes, you are irresistable

Babzy said...

You are full of beans today.

just me said...

Yeah, I've been tooting my own horn like crazy...ha!

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