Apr 27, 2007

I knew it would happen eventually. And, it is flattering in its own way. Meaning there are actually people out there who believe I can think independently, and even reasonably. If they only knew!

I was tagged by Shrink-wrapped scream. A wonderful photographer and writer who flatters me. I had been tagged by Anne of, which I tried my best to forget (you'll see why). Then on top of that, Betmo nominated me for a Thinker's Blog award. Again I am flattered. The last thing I recall being nominated for was Secretary of the Ivor Elementary School PTA. That one prompted me to scour my brain for any possible excuse to decline, but none was legitimate. ("Damn, you know I want to, but Monday nights I hoe in the garden, yeah, even in the winter, don't ask me why, I just do it...") So, for a year I was the workhorse for the PTA.

However, I digress. This is particularly hard for me, as it is imperative in my moral take on life, not to leave anyone out or anyone hurt. Which is why I have a young man sleeping on my couch that is evidently allergic to work. Well, he does work from time to time, and contributes to the household in his own way. He cooks. (God love him!) Even as a child, when I got a new toy, I worried incessantly about the old toys, concerned they might feel left out, or uncared for. So that meant that Barbie and Ken adopted a one-eyed rag doll with a rip in its side.

However, I will attempt this, and remember, those I do not name here, will be worried about, while I chew on my fingernails in agony and remorse. (maybe a little too much info there) But those I do name are more than worthy of being mentioned.

Here we go.
1. The Future Was Yesterday. His blog is one that is filled with political commentary, and snips of his life that are constructed by a true word smith. His posts are provocative and timely, and very interesting. Should be required reading for high school political science class.

2. Betmo. Her blog has sent me on many a search mission to find out more about whatever subject she writes. Her passion and steadfast opinions have always inspired me. Her absolute support of freedom of speech has given me many opportunities to examine my own position.

3. Spadoman. When I first started reading his blog I was spellbound by its beauty and humanity. He writes of travels, spirituality, tragedies, and his life in breath-taking prose. You find yourself often re-reading a post, just on the off chance you missed something. His photograph's illustrate his writing wonderfully.

4. Shrink-wrapped scream. A blog I just began reading not too long ago, gives me a picture of her life that is beautiful and real. Whatever she writes about makes me think that I wish I was her neighbor, and I wish I was that sane. Her blog reads as well as a novel, and always makes me recall the good memories of my own life.

5.Beth. The sole purpose of her blog is to inspire the reader to think, whether it is about a life event, or a very simple concept, you never come away without reflection, and waiting for the next entry.

I give a most respectful nod to Bardouble29, Anne, Psychotherapist, and Mary. Ok, maybe this is cheating, but I don't care!!

The rules:

a) People should only respond to this if, and only if, they are tagged.

b) Those who have been tagged, should now list five blogs that they themselves find makes them think, as well as also including a link to this post, so that people can easily find the origin of this award.

Now honestly, wouldn't you rather be the secretary of the Ivor PTA?


dawn said...

Good Choices I read them all. Have a nice weekend

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Found my way here from Shrinked-Wrapped.

I was tagged lat week and didn't know what it meant. Thanks for clearing up that mystery! I'm off to choose my five....

I'll have a look at your choices, too....

Bob :@}

betmo said...

hey- thanks :) you always give me food for thought. i won't blame you for any of my posts though :)

just me said...

Greetings B.t.bear, will have to read your blog. Dawn, I feel like a big shit because your blog is one I read daily. That's it, no more tags for me. I can't handle the stress....

No said...

Thanks...I'm flattered!

phaseoutgirl said...

Thanks fro dropping by my site and leaving comments, very much appreciated, really!

You tagged great sites too, have visited most of them...

cheers and "see" you soon!