Apr 23, 2007


Ok, it seems that Alec Baldwin called his daughter a selfish pig. He berated her for not calling. Should this man be hung? I don't know.

There have been times when I have told my boys that if they didn't behave, I was going to kill them. Was I really going to kill them? No! Did they think I was going to kill them? I'm not sure, because they laughed so much, it was hard to tell.

If a parent tells a child to call them at a specific time, and they don't, there is a process that goes on in the parent's mind that is commonly referred to as "worry". As in "what in the hell are they doing! I told lil Johnny to call, and I'm waiting. Where is this kid? Who's he with? What is he really doing? Goddammit, wait till I talk to him! I'm gonna tear his ass up!!" This is a mild example of worry.

Too many parents today don't even give a rat's ass if they talk to their kids or not. Here's a man who definitely seems to want to be a part of his daughter's life, and someone leaks a private conversation between the two of them. That's disgusting.

You have to admit, at least he didn't call her a motherfucking little bitch. At least she didn't call him a loser-asshole-fucker-freak. It seemed to be quite normal to me. I don't know about you guys, but I would much rather be called a pig than an bitch. The worst part of this whole affair is that everybody has to go to court.

Sucks, doesn't it?

I like pigs. Have worked with many. Some of them real-live oinkers.


Shrink wrapped scream said...

Anyone who has kids, is right on out there with you - of COURSE they drive you demented, it's what they were put on this earth for! (If they DON'T drive you to distraction, you don't care enough to call yourself a parent..)

Great post, as ever. Nailed it, again.

Mary said...

I have to agree. I mean we are human. Children test us mightily. He was reacting. Happens. Of course we should all control the moments of losing it but again we are human. The shame is that its broadcast to the world.

BRUNO said...

My gawd, just wait 'till Oprah gets ahold of his outburst! Although, I'm sure she could make everything OK by blanketing everyone, and everything, with her MONEY....!

dawn said...

You know Alec Balwin is not the nicest person but in this situation I think Beautiful Kim Bassinger is to blame. There are only 2 people with acces to her voice messages her and the kid. Well that makes her the shitty parent for embarrising her daughter in front of the whole country. Kim should realize he'll always be her father. Knowing everything I better stop leaving those messages on my kids phones before they take me away hehe

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I like pigs. Have worked with many. Some of them real-live oinkers.
ROTFL! You bet, Lady!:) The four legged version seems much nicer, by far.

"It's not murder if you say I Love You, first." An old quote from I don't know where, except I'm sure it came from a Parent.:)

Anne said...

Alec Baldwin behaved like a childish jerk. He said horrible things to an impressionable child and should be ashamed of himself. Even when we're worried, most of us don't call our children names.
Should he go to court over it? I don't think so. He was very hurtful, but I don't see how that's actionable. And I agree, whoever leaked that tape was vindictive and manipulative, and not much better than Alec.
I don't think pig is any better than bitch, but that sure is a cute little real piggy there. :)

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Hi Mary,

You've been tagged, girl! It's in my latest post..

just me said...

Anne, I have to say your comment has inspired me to research this topic a bit more.

Shrink-wrapped, why didn't you tag moi?;)