Jan 13, 2007

I am a firm believer in dream analysis. Probably because I have a lot of nightmares. Certain events in my life have been what some would call traumatic, and rather than bitch and moan about it all day while I'm awake, the feelings and anger of those events seem to come out in my dreams. Many times I wake up crying my ass off, and it takes a while to calm down.

My belief about dream analysis is simple. Dreams are stories your subconscious concocts to illustrate a particular problem or issue you have trouble dealing with. But, when reduced to its simplest terms, you realize what the hell has been bothering you, what has been tucked way back in your mind that you don't want to face or look at.

For example: One night I had a dream where no matter how hard I tried I could not keep my feet on the ground. As I walked, or worked, I was always a few feet above the floor, having to hold on to counters, chairs, whatever was handy to keep from rising to the ceiling. At first it was a delight and an wonderful sense of freedom. But as the dream progressed, it became more and more a hindrance in everything I tried to do. It's damn hard to wash dishes when your floating and have to hold on to something to keep from flying off somewhere.

Now, for analysis, let's reduce the whole concept to its simplest terms. Though I enjoyed not being able to keep my feet on solid ground, after a while it became a big problem. I could not keep my feet on the ground. Which means simply I could not stay grounded. And not being grounded meant I had lost my footing. I had no means of keeping myself from flying off in any direction.
Final analysis? I felt unable to control where my life was leading me. I could not stay firmly in the place I wanted to. And I got damned tired of drifting around, trying to find something to hold onto, to keep from losing that place I had carved out for myself.

I couldn't find something to hold onto to keep from flying off in all directions.

I had no control over the events in my life, or myself.

Now, what's the point in trying to define what the dream is really about? To address that feeling, that worry, head on and figure out how to change it. How to find a way to adjust to the changes and events that I had no control over. Some may think this is a lot of bullshit, but it actually makes sense to me.

Even the dream I wrote about in the previous post speaks volumes to me about wanting to return to a simpler time, to go back and relive the part of my life that was carefree and easy.

This morning I woke up crying. I was being forced out of my home by all the people I had loved, and had no idea why. No one would tell me. It happened suddenly, and I was totally unprepared for it. I cried and pleaded with them, because they would not let me have my children. I was losing everything I loved and no one would listen or help me.

Analysis: Loss comes without a warning. I can lose everything I hold dear without any explanation, no matter how hard I fight to keep them.

So, what can I do with this knowledge? Accept the fact that I have no control over things that happen that are senseless to me. This is a hard one, and comes up often in various scenarios I dream about. This is the hardest one to accept, because we all feel we have to be in control at all times, to keep our lives from being a nightmare.

Well, enough about dreams, time to get back to reality, whatever the hell that is. I work on that one when I'm awake.


Anne said...

Oh Just Me,
I am sorry for the pain you are feeling, and the dreams that leave you in tears. It is hard not to have control. Life does not turn out the way we expect it to, and often that just plain hurts.
Thinking of you with kindness,

Mary said...

I analyze my dreams too the same way. Usually I can get to bottom of it. And it is, in my opinion worth it to get the message.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Dreams are certainly the subconscious surfacing as you sleep. As to what they mean...some are more readily explained than others, I think.

Several years ago, I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that my wife said: "Honey, let's make love." Not a bad idea at I started with the preliminaries....and nearly got the shit beat out of me by a terrified woman that was awakened out of a very sound sleep!:) To this day, I know I heard her say that, clear as a bell. Our sex life was fine then, as it is now. I kiss up by telling her: "It was caused because you are too sexy for me to sleep.:)" Apparently that wasn't it, for all it makes her do is roll her eyes at me!:P

And she never talks in her sleep.

just me said...

Future, let's get real here. You were planning one of those sneak attacks, I know, I have been on the receiving end, and have usually responded as your wife did. "WTF? Get off me!!" Ok, I'll give you break, maybe you just here voices.;)

Anne said...

Hope you had a peaceful sleep last night, Just Me... and a good Sunday.

C-dell said...

I don't know if dream analysis is viable all the time. sometimes yes. I have had dreams that I understood what my mind was trying to tell me. I also have dreams that are like stories with characters. I am never a character. these stories are really interesting. When I wake up I want to know the conclusion so I try to sleep so that the dream will finish. That happened only once. in 18 years.

spadoman said...

I have a unique situation. Since I am involved, somewhat, to a spiritual community, I have a spirit man, or spiritual advisor if you will that I can talk to about my dreams.

I don't pay much attention to them to be honest. But the ones that I vividly remember long after I've had them are being recalled for a reason I am told.

It is these that I try to understand and learn from. The spirit man tells me to have patience. That the answers will come, but not on my own time. I must sometimes wait for the answers if there even IS an answer.

I am compelled to tell you. I make Dream Catchers. Many of my friends have them. Just ask.

Fuzzylogic said...

Analyzing dreams can be tough,I try to do it but many a times it makes no sense to me.But there have also been times when something untoward is about to happen and I do get some sort of a forewarning about it.One such dream I still remember is when I lost my grandfather.He was very close to me and his death was very sudden and the night before he died I dreamt of snakes everywhere,I was walking with my grandfather in the dream in a field and snakes kept tangling up our feet.I was scared but he kept telling me its allright,its going to be fine that I would learn to walk through the tangles and they would never harm me.It was such a weird dream!I woke up with a sad feeling about the whole thing and that day morning soon afterwards my mom got a call saying he was no more.It was almost as if he reached out to say something!
You seem to be having a rough time.I hope the dreams soothen out and you will feel better soon!

Goddess said...

I think it's kinda sad when people rely on those dumb "dream dictionarys" instead of realizing their dreams are personal to them. I think it's fun and very informative to write them down and figure them out.