Jan 3, 2007

I am on a job hunt. And I find at 52, it's not the same as 22. On a recent application, one of the questions was, "Can you lift 50 lbs with ease or difficulty?" Well, guess what, I'm honest and said with difficulty, and they called anyway. Seems they want an older person on second shift to see that the younger ones get everything done. I asked them if that meant I would be supervising that shift, and they said, "No!" Then I asked if I was responsible for ensuring all the work was completed, and they said no. So, I'm thinking, what do they want me to do? Tap everyone on the head with ruler when they misbehave?

I have this thing which the doctor tells me is called degenerative spinal disease, and have bone spurs on my spine. He showed me the x-ray, and I seem 'em for myself. I said what are those little hooks for? He said those are the spurs. He said that's why I have so much pain in my back and legs, because the spurs are pinching nerves. Not all the time, just when I stand up a lot, or walk around a lot. I'm supposed to complete my physical therapy, (came down with the flu) but haven't gotten around to it yet. The doctor wanted to give me darvocet, and I said that stuff is worthless, and they give it to old people and doesn't do any good. Then he said how about propoxyphene, and I said that's the same thing, doc. Tried to slip one by me. I wouldn't know that probably but I was my dad's caregiver during the last years of his life, and that's what they prescribed for him. Sometimes he gave them to his dog JoJo. I don't know why, but the at least the dog was quiet for a while.

So, here I am, my body falling apart on me, entering the workforce after a couple of years off. I think a job would do me good, actually. Get me out and about, meeting new people, and all that good shit. We'll see, I guess.

Wish me luck. Maybe Vincent D'onfrio needs a personal assistant. Hell, I'll get him coffee, I'll get him any damn thing he wants.


Goddess said...

I don't know if this will help you, but I had bone spurs in my foot and when I began taking calcium AND magnesium, they went away. Thank God. They were hella painful.

Goddess said...

BTW, I think these sorts of things are a direct result of idiot doctors telling women to take calcium supplements without telling them to also take magnesium to help the body assimilate it.

Fuzzylogic said...

I do hope you get the job you are hoping for,that job with Vincent D'onfrio sounds pretty interesting!:)
The degenerative spinal disorders can be literally a pain.I think you should go for that physical therapy,it does make a difference.I know because I'm in medical field myself.Take care.
You are really such a fine person with a great attitude to life and I do love coming here to your blog!

Bruno said...

Don't forget about all the "body-work on a new frame, with fresh paint" that we advised you on! Maybe people really DO NEED all of us "old-classics" when the shit gets tough, huh???

Mary said...

Good luck with the job.

betmo said...

good luck!!!!! happy new year!!!

spadoman said...

There you go with the Vince thing again. He's over rated. When you've see em' without their make-up, thay all look like you and me.

Take Kirsty Allie, what a dog faced bitch, and Keanu Reeves? Don't get me started. Although Denise Richards does have a great set of... well, let's just say she'd get a job before you would, and that's the damn shame of it.

Sorry about you struggling to find work. I hope it goes well and you get something you can deal with. Here are two things I'd like to tell you about it:

Don't take a job that gives you responsibility without authority, (unless the money makes up for the authority)


When you go out there, envision yourself as a tall proud person that the employer would be lucky to have working for them. Be this person inside and it will show outside. It doesn't matter if you have a pair of what Denise Richards has or not, those things are over rated anyway.

Good luck with whatever gets in your path. Prayers your way my freind.

just me said...

Thanks you guys for your well-wishes. Spadoman, I do have a set of headlights like Denise Richards and they are uncomfortable, get in the way of your arms, and add about I figure 10 pounds to your weight. You can have them if you want them. At fair market value, of course.

just me said...

Did you know that Vincent D'onfrio played the guy who shot the drill sargent in "Full Metal Jacket"? And he can look like crap without his makeup, Spadoman. I know I do.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I retired from GM when I was just short of fifty, then I moved down to N.C. I was pretty good at office work/admin, since for some years, I supervised roughly 140 persons.

I went to temp agency after agency. I could never get more than "clean out that dusty store room" or "file this pile that built up the last ten years."

Finally, an employee of one agency took mercy upon me, and told me how it was: "You are far too old, you are the wrong sex, and I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but you're not another Cary Grant."

At least the last part made me laugh, so I gave her a big hug before I kicked open the Director's door and told him off in double spades, and walked out.:)

spadoman said...

Thanks for trying to sell me a pair of headlights, but I have all I can handle now. (5 grand daughters, three daughters, a sister, mother, wife and a girlfriend)

OK, so you like Vince. I get the point. But you're too good for him. You deserve better!

He might have done Full Metal Jaqcket, but did you know that Oliver Stone's "Platoon" was about the 25th Division in Vietnam. That was the division I served in. I didn't wear make-up either.

More luck and prosperity my friend. Hope it all works out.

Anne said...

Hi ! Good Saturday morning ! I saw that you commented on my blog the other day (i don't know why the comment took a little while to show up, but it did !), and so I wanted to say thank you, and nice to meet you !