Jan 1, 2007

The most wicked man on earth has succumbed to the hangman's noose. Saddam Hussien is dead. Seems we should all be dancing in the streets, consumed with ecstasy, and glad-tidings. Oh, the world will be so much better now, we have finally achieved world peace, how much lighter our hearts will be. No more fear of terrorism. No more fear of dictatorship. We have done God's work.

You think? Personally, I am overwhelmed with shame. What has changed? Really? The war in Iraq will only intensify. We have taken the leader of a nation, tried him, judged him and found him guilty. Then we hanged him. No leathal injection for this guy. No electric chair, gas chamber. We hanged him. Why he wasn't drawn and quartered escapes me.

Does anyone see the arrogance here? Does anyone else feel the least bit concerned about this whole affair? What have we really proved, other than that we can go into a foreign nation, judge their ruler, and execute him. Does this make us better as a nation? Are we all in agreement now? Sure, he probably was a really bad guy. But was the decision really ours to make? Did the Iraqi people ask us to do this, ask us to come into their country, take out their ruler and free them from his insanity? Seems we went there to keep him from tossing a few bombs our way.

Maybe they did have a few components on hand that might have led them to eventually create a weapon of mass destruction. But, so does North Korea, so does Red China, so does a great many nations, including ours. Does this mean now that another nation can invade our country, take out our leader, and execute him for having weapons of mass destruction?

I feel we have committed a crime against humanity. We have sunk to the level of the very tyranny we so abhor. We are not the hand of God. We are not the mighty judges of every other nation in the world. I wish we could just focus on what's wrong in our nation, and quit looking for trouble. And I wonder, does George Bush sleep any better at night? With the blood of 3000 soldiers on his hands, I don't see how he can.

So, I wonder now, how many people I have pissed off....


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I always wondered why he wasn't handed over to the World Court, or whatever they're called now.

In my mind, the lessor of two evils was hanged.

Bruno said...

Oh, yes indeed! By hanging Saddam, the country of Iraq should be stabilized by the end of the week, now! Once we hang ALL of these criminals, Iraqi Oil, instead of Blood, will flow free once again! BULLSHIT! Iraq never was, never will be, anything but an oily patch of sand, and open to every potential tyrant in the world today! Oh, I'm sorry---I keep forgetting that we are fighting to avenge those who died on 9/11...Like I heard one soldier remark yesterday: "Now that we've gotten rid of Saddam, I wonder what excuse they'll give us next, for extending our tours-of-duty yet again"...