Nov 2, 2008

Such and such

I finally upgraded my FireFox this morning. I know that's a big relief for you guys. Its a pretty good browser to me.

Halloween has come and gone, and Daylight Savings has ended, so I have to reset all my stupid clocks. We had one trick-or-treater. Probably a good thing, too, as we didn't have any candy. (I don't see anything wrong with pennies.) They all go to the pricier neighborhoods anyway. So, I'm poor. And who cares?

The little 'bambino' is growing and having problems with colic, I think. Anyway, he cries a great deal. Now we are starting the big debate about when to introduce cereal, (or gruel, because that's what it looks like), to his diet. The doctors say nothing but formula for 10 years....nope, excuse me, that was 1 year. But when have we ever listened to doctors?

I saw a new doctor the other day. He gave me something called seroquel, said it would make me sleep better...guess what? It did. I do not like it, though, as it also made me eat everything I could put my hands on. Guess I'll just make do with, oh, dare I say it?, exercising everyday. I used to love to exercise. This was before I developed bone spurs on my spine, and tore up my rotator cuffs. No, its not something on the car, they are on my shoulders. Anyway, now when I try to turn this way, my back says, "Fuck that!" My shoulders? I hear them swear as well, and they wonder if I've lost my mind! (You want us to do what!!?") I guess I will have to start walking. This is an activity I have heard about that requires one to put on shoes, leave the house, and ramble around for a period of time until they can come back home. Its supposed to be good for you. Doctor's just about shit their pants, they get so damned happy, when you tell them you have started walking! Which is a good thing, but when have we ever wanted to make our doctors happy?

I visited an online political forum, and was called Comrade by some bozo who is voting the McCain-Palin ticket because he is a crazy person. I try to stay away from message boards and forums as they tend to aggravate the hell out of me. Anyway, the election is almost over, and they are predicting record voter turn-outs all over the place. I can't wait to meet Mickey Mouse in person! It will almost be like waiting in line to get concert tickets or some such shit. And, that's pretty apt, because everyone knows that OBAMA ROCKS!!!



SJ said...

You are right ... comrade ;)

Stephen Rader said...

COMRADE?!? The guy calls his "Why I Support John McCain" forum COMRADE? Sounds pretty friggin' Russian to me, which reminds me of the socialism that McCain keeps screaming about. You're right, that guy is a bozo. (The guy who owns the site AND John McCain).

All these undecided voters (who the Hell are these people, anyway?!?) really has to do is look at the way the candidates are campaigning in the final couple of weeks. Would you rather have a President who discusses his plans and hopes for the future, never mentioning, much less slandering, his opponent in the course of a 30 infomercial, or a candidate who turns into McCarthy when his poll numbers start slipping? (What is McCain going to call Obama next? A pinko? Geez...)

And the thought of President Palin? Suddenly, Dan Quayle looks like a friggin' genius.

No said...

I swear we live the same lives...same prescription...same ability to the first time in my life..ain't life grand???

Leah said...

Did you hear that a Canadian radio host phoned Palin and said he was the President of France and asked if he could tag along the next time she went hunting. hahaha She bought it. They finally had to tell her she had been pranked. Poor thing.

just me said...

SJ: I guess comrade means were friends?

Stephen: I agree with everything you said. Couldn't have said it better!

No: Sometimes I think doctors just throw the drug of the day at you...yeah, life can be grand..

Leah, I almost felt sorry for Palin when I heard about that, but then, I decided not to...