Nov 16, 2008

Race Crimes

When I read this article, (click on the title) I cried. It hurt me so much inside to think that we as a nation cannot overcome the prejudice that lurks just below the surface. Will we ever grow up??

In the state of Virginia there are signs that say we are a zero tolerance state, zero tolerance to drugs. I think we should become a zero tolerance nation, zero tolerance to racism. This article fills me with dread and unease. What lengths will people go to in this country to preserve their own narrow-minded view of the world? School children talking about wanting Obama to be assassinated. Grade school kids!! I think someone should sit down and have a long, serious discussion with these children's parents and hold them accountable for the hate and mistrust they are breeding.

I am so afraid for our President-elect. May God preserve and protect him.

And I am so sick of the hate and ignorance in this country.


SJ said...

Less violence more drugs makes for a better world.

Seriously there are some SICK people out there.

just me said...

SJ, there are some very sick people out there! I don't think any kind of medication will help these assholes!!

Anonymous said...

Deb, my comment disappeared.

I wrote that race relations could get worse before they get better but in the end Obama's win will be the best thing that's happened to America in a long time. Things will settle down and hopefully the Obamas will stay safe.

Catmoves said...

just me, unhappily, ZT does not work as it should. Couple of examples: A six year old boy was arrested by police (ye gods), and suspended from school for kissing a girl classmate. ZT said: "sexual promiscuity on school grounds."
An eight year old was surrounded by a SWAT team for carry a paper cut out of a water pistol. ZT said "No guns of any kind permitted on school grounds."
There are innumerable cases of asinine ZT being practiced.
Get rid of ZT. Educate, rather than force people. It might get some of them thinking.

Anonymous said...

In Damon, Texas Donna Woodcock and Robert Hargraves proudly fly the white supremacist confederate flag. They despise their neighbors, a non-white police officer, a foriegn exchange student, and others. Donna Woodcock and Robert Hargraves painted swazticas on thier neighbor's property and mailboxes...even their neighbor's dog! Police did absolutely NOTHING and refused to classify it a hate crime or even grafiti. They still did nothing after Donna Woodcock and Robert Hargraves shot at their non white neighbors property while screaming death threats!

Anonymous said...

Pecan Bend, damon has been a nice, close knit white community for a long time. Now all these mexicans, vetnamese, arabs and such are creeping in, lowering property values. Whites have a right to a place of their own.
Donna Woodcock, Robert hargraves, whites and proud of it.

just me said...

Anonymous number 1: Sorry to hear you have such idiotic lowlifes living in your area. Also sorry to hear that the police don't seem to mind. I did a search of Damon, TX, and came up with this website:

just me said...

Anonymous number 2: Or should I say Donna and Robert? Glad to hear you guys are proud of being white. And perhaps ignorant and racist. I guess you guys will be glued to the tube during the inauguration ceremonies, Huh?