May 24, 2007

I have been reading my regular blogs this morning, and following links to others. I came upon a link from The Future Was Yesterday to One Pissed Off Veteran NSPD 51, and Why You Should Care, and got a real eye opener. We see the fall-out of the Patriot Act in all aspects of our daily lives now. From getting a new Social Security Card, to opening a bank account. We have to prove who are and if you don't have a picture ID, you are basically fucked. We are apt to blame the company or organization we are dealing with, but if you ask them, they will tell you what a hassle all of the new laws cause them.

Anyway, I followed another link to Patriot Act 2. That's what I call it anyway. One little tidbit revealed in this article states: " Allows government to operate in secret by authorizing secret arrests (sec. 201), and imposing severe restrictions on the release of information about the hazards to the community posed by chemical and other plants (sec. 202);"

I can't even fathom the need to conceal hazards to the community. What? A little more cancer or other bio-hazards make for a good living environment? Does that make any sense at all?

And, Secret Arrests, like the Soviet Union during its power days? Snatch someone up, in the middle of the night, and they, like disappear, man! "Where's Chuck?" "I don't know, his voice mail says he's on an extended vacation."

This is scary, scary stuff. This means there is no right to representation, no right to trial by jury, no right to anything, except probably confinement, and, dare I say it? Torture. Why else would they feel the need to operate in this cloak and dagger way? This means anybody, anybody, can be whisked away, because the powers that be don't like you. How much longer will it be before the people who argue against the current regime in Washington are targeted as subversive assholes who must be silenced?

This scares me to death. And, if I were a citizen of Middle-Eastern descent, I would be terrified. Think of making an appointment to see your cardiologist, and being told, "Well, he's not in today. We don't think he will ever be in today again...would you like a referral? Let me check to see who's still around.." This crosses all walks of life, all socio-economic backgrounds, and all political associations. Well, we know who will probably be targeted in the political world. The ass-kissers should be OK.

I never thought I would live to see the day that this would become a part of good ole apple-pie American life. Scary, scary, scary. Did you guys know about this? Am I the only fool left who didn't?

This is not what my son died for. He did not die defending the Secret Police. He died defending what he believed to be a supportive and free country. He died believing his skills would help enrich the lives of those under the thumb of a dictator. And, he died so his son wouldn't have to.


Gardener Greg said...

You are right on the money. I served my country proudly for over 20 years but to tell the truth I am ashamed of where we are heading. That is just another example of hiding something under a good looking label and then selling it to the American people. I keep getting these emails that say, "click here and send a letter to your Senator if you are for whatever" If you take time to read the bill they are trying to sell, it has nothing to do with the name and here I would have said I was for it if I took the bait. Something needs to be done soon before it is too late.

Great eye opening post. I hope lots of people read it.


Orhan Kahn said...

I am very sorry to hear your son is no longer with you. It is good to see you keep his memory alive in an incredibly respectable way.

BRUNO said...

It's been that way for years on end, now. They've just kept coming-up with new names, new "physical" descriptions of the same sad game.

What is just as scary, is how our civilian police forces are starting to resemble the military martial-law types, more and more each day, and always afraid that they are out-gunned by the general, law-abiding public. While at the same time, our military is being asked, no, make that FORCED, to be more "compassionate, and caring" while risking life and limb in a civil-war zone in some third-world country! Methinks we have our priorities somewhat misaligned...!

Anne said...

Scary. Why is it that we all disagree with what our "elected representatives" are doing, yet so far we have been powerless to stop them? The corruption is getting way out of hand.

betmo said...

this is why i have been railing against the patriot act and the military commissions act of 2006. it isn't about inconvenience anymore. the internet and any form of communication can be tapped into at any time. they are rounding up people at meat packing plants around the country- and where these people end up is a mystery. i have been unable to find a follow up story. it isn't just brown folks in this country who should be worried- it's all of us. congress has proven it is unwilling to stand up for us. we are on our own- and we may be put in positions like we have witnessed in past regimes around the world. the ones we used to speak out against. no due process and tortured.

just me said...

Orphan Kahn, I thank you for your compassion. Spadoman has said it better than anyone else, I think. Honor the warrior and not the war.

Gardener Gregg, I get the same emails and you are right. You have to check it out before you sign.

just me said...

Bruno, you know I watched the movie The Siege and the events in that movie could very quickly become a reality for any american city. I also believe the CIA to be one of the most subversive organizations in the world.

just me said...

Anne, Betmo, the more I research the whole thing, the more it boggles my mind that we aren't out marching in the streets. I don't know what it will take for the citizens of this nation rize up and defend the constitution. One person, however passionate, cannot do it. It takes us all.

I'm beginning to think it boils down to fear.

Mary said...

I don't know what it will take to get people to take action either. I think its not talked about in mainstream media like the evening news or the like as much as say Anna Nicole crap. If it were perhaps more people would have heard about it.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Sheesh! Chills my blood, but I'm sure it's the same over here, just hidden in different ways. Kind of makes you despair, doesn't it?