Mar 26, 2007

I won again!!


Oh, mercy mercy me,

I won the English lottery

And now that I am rich,

And my life won't me a bitch,


Ah, lalalala, ah lalala, la, la, la

Oh, forgive me. I just had the urge to break out in song, after receiving this wonderful email.  You think I should add this guy to my buddy list?  Maybe we can get together and do a little somethin', somethin', you know what I mean? 

"Ref: EAASL/941OYI/02
Batch: 12/25/0034Your ticket number:564-75600545-188 with Serial
number 5388/02 drew the lucky number: won you the lottery prize in the 2nd categoryyou have just won yourself - FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS ONLY-in the satellitesoftwareemail lottery conducted by  BIG TIME INTERNATIONAL SWEEPSTAKES here in United Kingdom in which e-mail addresses are picked randomly by software powered by the Internet. Contact our Promotion ClaimsAgent.Mr.Paul Blair
1.FullNames:,2.Address:,3.Age:,4.Sex:,5.Marital Status"

Notice they do not say five hundred thousand pounds of what.  And, in case I have more than one name, which is something they must be familiar with, they just need to know what they are.  And why oh why do they always have a yahoo email address?!?




Diesel said...

500,000 pounds of B.S., no doubt.

Actually, I could use that. Good fertilizer. Give them my email address.

dawn said...

Funny I won the same lottery last week. Whats really sad is that some people will actually fall for it. I thought a fax I recieved was even better. It offered me 2 million for help in settling someones estate in another country all I had to do was put up the taxes in good faith. What they failed to realize I have no good faith hehe

just me said...

diesel, thanks for stopping by, you good looking rascal you. I sent them you're email address, and think of all that bullshit we can use for fertilizer. No, wait, there's homeland security. We'll probably be arrested for trying to build a bomb or something. "So, miss suchandsuch, you got all this bullshit for what? and from where? Maybe you could come with us while we get a little more information..."

C-dell said...

Since I turned 18 I have been getting a lot of crap such as that. Very annoying.

Sher said...

Um, I don't know what they told you, but I totally won this like 10 times already. I imagine its all in an account somewhere in Zimbomwee waiting for me.

(I have no idea how to spell Zimbobwee. I sort of made it sound like an insurance guy from the midwest whose nickname is Zim.)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Like most of your other commentors, I won that lottery several times myself, but I was too busy picking up my $50,000 dollars from "my husband died and he left this problem".:)

Anne said...

You sure are lucky. :D

BRUNO said...

None of MY "bees-wax", but if I was you, I think I would tighten my spam filters. Even though it does break the monotony at times!