Mar 31, 2007

I found another post talking about the alleged atrocities committed by our troops in Iraq. I'm so sick of this. I am so sick of people thinking that today's military is the result of backwoods rural America, high school drop-outs, poor idiots being recruited so they can go out and kill people.

It is a slap in the face to every member of the enlisted military, their families, and their their survivors. The enlisted personnel in our military did not make the decision to invade Iraq. They just did what their commander in chief said.

After 9/11, everyone in this country wanted to kick some ass, and who did we look to? Our neighbors? Our friends? Ourselves? Did we all, the common everyday, gas-guzzling, teachers, mechanics, bankers, whoever, do it? No. We sent our military to do it. And now they have become in many people's eyes nothing more than hired killers.

As for allegations, well, we are all innocent until proven guilty. Or does that not apply to our service members? Are they held to some higher standard than the rest of us? Are they supposed to find body parts of their comrades and not feel anything? Are they supposed to be shot at, and not shoot back? Would you?

I didn't want them to go. I voted for Kerry, hoping that would prevent some of this mess. But I was criticized because people didn't think he would be a strong commander-in-chief.

I lost my son who was serving in Iraq as a medic, and when I read these comments it is as if someone has kicked me in the stomach. You do not know my son, who had a 4 year old son, a baby on the way that he never had the chance to see. You do not know how intelligent, compassionate, giving and wonderful he was. You do not know any of the people you accuse of being mad killers. Probably most of the deaths incurred in Iraq were from suicide bombers and IED devices. I don't know of any suicide bombers in our military.

Unless you are there, doing what they are doing, you don't know what they face each and every day. My brother was called baby-killer and God knows what else when he returned from Viet Nam. Looks like its going to happen again. And he enlisted because he felt it was the right thing to do. God, what a stupid guy, huh? He received a bronze star, a purple heart, and other medals that lie in a box covered with dust. They lie there because of how they were earned and the memories they bring back.

I suggest all of those who believe our military personnel are such base and ignorant people go to the 3000+ families that have lost wives, husbands, sons, and daughters, and tell them that to their face. Let them give you their opinion of what they think about you.

Goddammit, I am mad. I am so fucking mad. And I am hurt, more than anything. You think this war has caused you pain? You don't know shit!!

Everyone talks about the media, and how they don't focus on the real issues, and how their reporting is not up to standard, but let them say anything derogatory about the troops in Iraq and they instantly become believable and up-to-the minute purveyors of truth and justice. Do you honestly believe everything you hear?

Because we hate the war in Iraq, it has become a popular thread to associate everything with the war as bad. Even our troops. Please, if you want the real story, go to Iraq and see for yourself. Then come back and tell me what a bunch of cutthroats they are.

Then, you can kiss my ass. And take a flying fuck to the moon. Because its all brown-nosing. Oh, this is the popular thing to say, so I better say it. Don't want anyone to think I'm not against the current and popular theme in the country. Don't want anyone to actually think I associate with the low-life people who join the military because they have nothing better to do.

In some countries it is mandatory that everyone serve in the military. Good thing you don't live there because you would be one of those lowlifes too.

As I said before, don't tell me my son joined the military because he was stupid to do anything else. You did not know him. And, unfortunately, you never will.

God, what a lot of bullshit there is floating around on the net, uttered by people, who if things got bad, the first person they would look to for help would be that marine, or soldier in his fatigues and carrying his M-16.


BRUNO said...

Once again, you make an excellent, and unfortunately, an all-too-well qualified point, for which you still, and always will, have MY endless respect for you, and for your late son Travis, who gave his all.

This post reminds me of a comment I made once upon a time called, "A Kinder, Gentler Military", if you happen to recall it. But you bring it out in a much more current theme. You keep on pluggin', girl! One of these days, you'll hit the RIGHT "sore-spot", and more than just a few will start hearing, and seeing, the truth! Let's just hope it's not too late to salvage true justice.....!

just me said...

Thank you Bruno. I sincerely believe you will be one of the few who will understand the point I am trying to make here. People complain about the lack of proper equipment for the troops, but what the hell do they think that equipment is used for?

And the truth? Not that many want to hear the truth. The real McCoy. And how easily and quickly they seem to forget the loss and grief of 9/11, and who we sent to avenge that loss.

Blessings to you.

Another point I want to make is that on a moderated blog, I left a comment that didn't quite agree with all the other commenters, in that the troops are bad, they are killers, blah, blah, blah, and it wasn't posted. All sides of an issue should be heard. Some will post here telling me I am wrong and stupid or whatever, and again, I tell them, up front and with no remorse, they can kiss my ass.

Mary said...

I agree with you. I can't imagine the situations that our military people are faced with everyday over there. I would never judge. People are so full of opinions without experience. Ignore them.

Anne said...

Caring about our people who are over there is not the same as agreeing with the evil bastard politicians who put them there... but some people are too simple-minded to see that.

No said...

Good post. This needed to be thoughts exactly.

dawn said...

You know this is a subject that truly pisses me off. I wish our boys who are held prisoner would be treated as well as we treat them. Our soldiers didn't go to war to be murderers and I wish those who throw that first stone would think before they speak. I do not believe any of our guys go into it to do illegal things. They follow orders that is how they were trained. Americans are hypocrites and it's disgraceful the way our men are treated by our own people

just me said...

Mary, No, Anne, and Dawn, thanks so much for your comments. It makes me feel less alone in my thoughts.

Dawn, this is something that has always puzzled me as well. While our prisoners of war are treated like pigs, we seem to more concerned with the prisoners we hold than the troops themselves. Think of it like prison. If you ask any prisoner what his crime was, most likely he will say he is innocent, and that he was set up.

The people we are dealing with here are the same people who hold public beheadings and put it on the internet. Does anyone else remember?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

God, what a lot of bullshit there is floating around on the net, uttered by people, who if things got bad, the first person they would look to for help would be that marine, or soldier in his fatigues and carrying his M-16.
You bet your ass!! "Couch Commanders" I call them, and they're nothing but pure idiots!!

You keep screaming. The reason we're in such a FUBAR state is nobody cares enough to scream!

psycho-therapist said...

let's all scream together and get those stupid MFs out of the White House! How many of them have family members they're willing to sacrifice for this war? Get it out. Keep on doing what you're doing and know that there are more of us out there than it seems sometimes.